Conceived in the early spring of 2013, Mountain Bike Teton Valley quickly tapped into a broad base of support from area riders and mountain bike-enthusiasts well before there was even a formal organization.  By offering a special “Founding Member” designation to those who stepped up to help MBTV get underway, the Board and membership of MBT recognize the special effort of these initial believers and supporters.

The Board and membership of MBT would, therefore, like to express its gratitude to the members listed below for their generous support as Founders:

Daniel Abraham, Tim Adams, Megan Allen, Jason Berning, Jeremy Besbris, Michael Bleffert,

Randy Blough, Bryce Broderick, Allen Clausen, Teresa Donnelly, Ellie Dunn, Mark Fisher, Scott Fitzgerald,

Geordie Gillett, Mark Hanson, Herbert Heimerl, Eric Helgoth, Maria Hendrickson, Kevin Hinkley, Tricia Hoesel,

Sam Holt, Ed Hoth, Beach Huntsman, Kim Keeley, Joanne LaBelle, Rick LaBelle, Chris Larsen, Gary Larson,

Jerry Long, Bridget Lyons, Bob Malheiro, Gene Marcowka, Kevin May, Nancy & Mac McCoy, Niki Milleson,

Mark Northcott, Billy Nixon, Molly O’Bannon, Hugh O’Donnell, Dan Powers, Luther Propst, Todd Sautters,

Jim Schultz, Zachary Smith, Kathy Spitzer, Georgie Stanley, Cliff Stanley, Joe Stone, Liz Storer, David Treinis,

Andy Tyson, Elizabeth Ward, Todd Warden, Dick Weinbrandt, Lloyd Wiser, Lynne Wolfe and Michael Woodruff