Bovine | Shark’s Belly

Today Beth and I, along w/our hound dog G-Money, rode up Bovine and Shark's Belly near Horseshoe Canyon in the Big Holes.

Bovine was completely clear and in great shape. Shark’s Belly still had a couple 6′ long patches of snow, there was one tree down, and the old bridge is starting to feel a little rickety, otherwise it’s in pretty decent shape. Kind of interesting to see how the landslide that covered part of the trail last year has grown back into a trail. From what I’ve heard and could see for myself, most of the other lower trails in the Horseshoe area are probably open. I’ve talked to several people who have ridden Southbound and Channel Lock and I’d bet that Bumper and Cody’s Loop are fine, Burgh and Probation may still have a couple patches of snow/mud but if the weather keeps cooperating those will be gone inĀ  no time. I’ll try to get out there again next week and map some more of the trails in that area.

We’re heading down to Pocatello tomorrow to ride the City Creek Trails, should be fun. For those of you who haven’t been there before I’d highly recommend checking it out. Here are some perfectly good reasons why:

The trails are actually really fun, well maintained, and very well signed, which is key when you don’t know your way around. It’s super close, you can get there, ride, and get back in a day. It’s been spring there for 2 months so most of the trails are completely dry. There is camping just south of town at the Portneuf River area if you feel like staying longer. Evidently they even have a brewery, which we’ll be paying a visit after the ride. Finally, Lava Hot Springs is just down the highway and who doesn’t like hot springs. If you do make it down there, talk to the guys at Scott’s bike shop. They’re usually pretty nice, can tell you what trails are riding, and can hook you up w/ maps and directions.