July Trail Work Update

From the Trail Crew desk: July 17, 2017

First, our big news: we have hired Maintenance Monday regular Tyler Nelson as our third trail crew member. Tyler is finishing up his previous job at Grand Teton Brewery and will join us on the trail sometime this week. He was hired with funds from our recently awarded National Forest System Trail Stewardship Grant. Welcome, Tyler!

Last week the crew put the chainsaw bike to work yet again, clearing Mail Cabin, the reroute climb, and the ridge west to Mikesell and the Mike Harris trailhead. It’s riding well- go experience the three-year project funded by 1% for the Tetons to reroute the old hike-a-bike to the ridge where you will find novel Teton views, amazing wildflowers, and riding that keeps your attention.

WYDOT is hard at work in the Mail Cabin parking lot remediating the Beaver Slide that pulls the highway down the hill, but they are required to give recreationists parking spots and access to the trail.

For a review of the process that brought about this lengthy reroute, view this video from the 2015 1% for the Tetons video blast: https://mountainbiketetons.staging.wpengine.com/mail-cabin-reroute-project/

On other trail fronts, the crew has put in a number of hours making the Nemo’s reroute ready to ride. Let us know what you think, and thanks to everyone who came out on Maintenance Mondays to work on it. We are also working on other Southern Valley projects for this season, including trail system maps and signage, and the Pole Canyon Connector. Stay tuned for a host of improvements on the Southern Valley system for next year.

We’re also getting started on design and installation of Geoblock in some always-muddy holes around the region. First up to remediate is a seep on Rush Hour, then we will look at the AJ trail near Mountainside Village in Victor, Shark’s Belly, and a bigger project for the Aspen Trail. https://www.prestogeo.com/products/porous-pavement/geoblock-vegetated-porous-pavement/

The livestock fence is up at the bottom of Grove Creek. We will put some flagging tape on it so you see it at speed but heads up. There has also been a bear sighted in upper Grove, so don’t forget your bear spray.

Targhee’s Enduro Race is this coming weekend, July 21 and 22.  On Saturday, the final stage ends on Mill Creek, so you may want to avoid Mill Creek on Saturday mid-day. https://www.grandtarghee.com/event/the-grand-enduro-montana-enduro-series/

As always, if you come across downed trees or trail spots that need work, let us know at trails@mountainbiketetons.org

Lynne Wolfe

for the MBT Trail Crew