Phillip’s Ridge

Phillip's Ridge 11

Today Beth and I rode Phillip’s Ridge for the first time this season, which is easily my favorite trail in the area. There were still a few patches of snow between the first section of Arrow and the uphill on the ridge trail, all of which were pretty easy to get over and should be gone soon. However, there were a lot of downed trees, maybe a dozen, most of which were laying centered across the trail and at waist height which eliminated the option of riding over or around them. The majority of those were on the climb and along the ridge but the downhill was mostly clear. This trail would most definitely benefit from a chainsaw or two.

Aside from all the tree climbing, we had a great ride. All of the new sections from last year have firmed up after sitting under the snow for a winter and the switchbacks have all been finished out. Seriously, this ride is so much fun. I can’t wait to get out for another lap on this one. I was going to replace the trail map I have up on the site b/c it includes part of Arrow and Fish Creek Road but I had some technical difficulties recording the GPS track. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be back up there soon. Although, I did take quite a few photos today which I added to the photo gallery page.

Phillip's Ridge Beth 3