Horseshoe Canyon | South Fork

Horseshoe Canyon South Fork Dana

Today I rode the South Fork of Horseshoe Canyon. This was only the second time I had ridden this trail. The first time was probably 6 years ago and it was the first trail I ever rode in Teton Valley. Back then it was a completely different trail used mostly by horses and motor bikes. It was steep, loose, narrow, and so rutted that you couldn’t ride up long stretches without your catching your pedals on the sides. We ended up walking a whole lot that day. It’s come a long away since then.

Now I’d have to say it’s one of my favorite rides on this side of the Tetons. The rutted grind straight up the hillside has been replaced by a smooth, winding, switchback filled climb up to and along the ridge where you get a nice view of the canyon below before continuing up to the summit. Dirt bikes are still allowed on this trail and have dug up a couple of muddy spots that could use a little work. Also, there is still a creek crossing down low and one switchback up high where you’ll probably have to hike for a few yards but otherwise this trail is in great shape and huge improvements have been made.

Originally I had planned on riding down Mahogany Creek but after seeing how much fun this looked to come down, I couldn’t pass it up. I definitely won’t be letting another 6 years pass before I ride this one again. If you haven’t ridden this trail in the last few years, or at all, go check it out this summer.

If you need more info I updated the trail map page for Horseshoe Canyon South Fork and added plenty of photos to the gallery.