Lower Horseshoe Canyon Loops

Sodbuster Beth

Over the last couple days Beth and I did a couple laps on the lower Horseshoe Canyon trails. First day we rode Bovine/Shark’s Belly/Probation/Burgh/Bumper/Cody’s/Sodbuster/Southbound/Channel Lock which add up to 12.5 miles, today we rode it all again except for Southbound which made for 9 miles. There are still two small patches of snow on Probation which you have to walk around otherwise everything is dry. Both days we found a few downed trees on Shark’s Belly, Probation, Burgh and one on Channel Lock but today we ran into Troy from Habitat wielding a chainsaw so most of those are probably cleared now. There was also some trail work being done on Channel Lock, it sounds as though they’re rerouting the section just below the two track.

Also, I updated the trail map pages for all of these trails:

Cody’s Loop
Channel Lock

Awesome weather here, still only in the 60’s, hoping to take advantage of it and find some more trails to ride this week. Possibly Shadow Mountain next.