Mahogany Creek

Yesterday Beth and I rode the south fork of Horseshoe to Mahogany Creek. We started at the trailhead to Mahogany and got the 11 mile road ride out of the way first. Having ridden the south fork once already this summer, the climb didn’t seem so bad this time. As I mentioned in my last post about that trail, It’s come a long way over the last few years. This is definitely one of the best trails Teton Valley has to offer. We have yet to ride anything else up there besides these two trails, so at the summit we kept going past the turn off to Mahogany. From there you may as well get off the bike, it’s steep, rutted, and loose. We went as far as the junction w/Relay Ridge and turned back. That was only a half a mile but felt much longer due to pushing the bike most of the way. I have to be honest, I’m not looking forward to riding the trails beyond Mahogany if they’re all this tough. Someone please tell me that they’re not.

The entrance to Mahogany Creek was a little ugly. Lots of fist sized gravel chunks rolling down the trail, bouncing off the spokes. But after the first quarter mile or so everything was all good. The upper half of this trail is rather technical, some sections make Phillip’s Canyon look tame, from then on things get a little smoother. We hadn’t ridden this trail in several years so I kind of forgot just how long it was. At nearly 5 miles and ~2,000′ of decent, you feel like you get your money’s worth.  Riding the whole loop makes for a long day, with +3,000′  of elevation gain over 21 miles you’ll want to be sure to fuel up before hand.

On Saturday I took a lap on the lower Horseshoe trails so I could re-map Channel Lock to include the re-route which was completed earlier this summer. I usually start w/Bovine and ride the loop clockwise ending w/Channel Lock, but decided to switch things up a bit and rode it in the opposite direction, ending w/one of the area’s newer additions. I’ll leave out the details for now but I will say that it’s going to be a really fun downhill once it’s buffed out.

On both days I didn’t see a single other user on any of the trails I rode. I know the smoke has been bad but seriously, where is everyone? Oh, and the conditions for all of these trails as of yesterday: Dusty, better bring your moon boots. Hopefully that rain we had last night knocked that down some but I doubt it. A solid week week of torrential downpour might help. One other thing, the cows are out en masse on the lower Horseshoe trails. Watch out for those meadow muffins.

I added photos and updated the trail map page for Mahogany Creek and a couple of others in the Horseshoe Canyon area. I also updated the maps for Channel Lock to reflect the re-route. Next up for this area will probably be Twin Creek and Mount Manning. Has anybody ridden these this summer? If so, let me know in the comments. Speaking of comments and trail conditions, I think it would be awesome if readers of the site were to use the comment boxes on the trail pages to post the current conditions. Just take a sec to let others know how things are riding.