Mill Creek | Cold Springs

Mill Creek Trailhead Jake

After a week of rain and over a foot of snow at higher elevations, I was finally able to get some riding in over the last couple of days. On Thursday Jake and I rode the North Fork of Mill Creek to the lower half of Mill Creek proper after work. This section of trail still has quite a few snow patches, the majority of which you can ride around but there are still a couple places you have to hike. There is also one downed tree which we broke all the limbs off of but the trunk will need a chain saw taken to it. After turning downhill on to Mill Creek the trail was in perfect condition. Clear all the way down and just damp enough to be tacky.

The next day I heard from a couple people that Mill Creek was clear all the way up to Lightning Ridge. I talked my friend Drew from Jackson into making the drive over the hill. We decided to pedal up Ski Hill Road so I could see how clear the Lightning Ridge trail from the base area of Grand Targhee was. When we reached the turnoff for Lightning from the Peaked cat track it looked promising so we started up it. Not long afterwards we were running into small and then large patches of snow that soon became more than just patches. We decided to hike back up to the Peaked two track but hadn’t pedaled very far up that before we were hiking again. I’d say it’s going to be a couple weeks before that side of the ridge will be rideable. Once again the downhill was super fun. The trail was indeed clear from the top. There were a lot of flags along the loose gravel two track section from the top hopefully suggesting a reroute around that stretch. I had also heard something recently about a continuation of the Lightning Ridge trail. Either way it looks like some work is slated to be done up there this season. I’m also thinking Rick’s and Quakie’s will probably be riding really soon if they aren’t already.

Today Beth and I are planning on riding Phillip’s Ridge. I haven’t heard from anyone else who’s done it yet this season but it looks good from the road. We’ll see I guess.

I did update the trail map pages for both Mill Creek and Mill Creek North Fork although the latter will need to be recorded again. The snow made it difficult to stay exactly on the trail and the elevation profile image wasn’t created. It’ll work for now though. I have also added a few images of each of those trails to the photo gallery so please have a look at those too.

A few people I’ve bumped into this week have mentioned seeing the site and a few others from elsewhere have sent in emails. Just wanted to thank them all for the kind words.