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Arrow 3

Yesterday Beth and I took a ride on the Arrow trail. From the trailhead near Hwy 22 we headed north and continued to the junction of Phillip’s Canyon. From there we turned around and rode it back to the start, afterwards crossing the highway and taking Jimmy’s Mom, Candyland, and Parallel to the bottom of the pass where we grabbed a couple beers at the Stagecoach.

Jimmy's Mom 2

Arrow is a great cross-country trail with a few really fast and fun sections. This trail was designed by Chris Peck and Harlan Hottenstein and mostly constructed by over a thousand Boy Scouts in less than a week back in 2008. I think we had only ridden this trail a couple times before, one of those being shortly after it’s completion. Although, as fun as this trail is we should probably be on it a couple times a season. Most everyone here know Jimmy’s, but Candyland is a new spur off trail which connects it to the Old Pass Road just above Crater Lake and Parallel. Construction of this trail was completed just earlier this season. In fact, the last time we tried riding it there was still an excavator shaping up the last couple of burms. This trail, like quite a few of it’s neighboring trails, has been built up with all of the usual freeride features including some monster sized gap jumps a lengthy section of rollercoaster burms.

All of the trails are in great shape after the rain we’ve had this last week. We definitely needed it, things have been pretty loose and dusty. Once they dry back out some from today’s storms they should be perfect.

Candyland 2

So, I updated the trail map pages for Arrow, Jimmy’s Mom, and Candyland as well as adding some photos of each to the gallery. You might have also noticed some site updates. Besides the obvious design changes, I’ve added comments to the blog posts, and to the trail pages in which case I’m hoping readers will use to post their own trail condition updates. I’m also working on a way for viewers of the site to vote on trail difficulty. I’ll be sure to let you know when that function is ready.