Aspen Trail

Yesterday Beth and I rode Aspen for the first time this summer. This trail was in great condition, a little dusty on the exposed sections but solid in the shade.  For one of the valley’s more beginner type trails this is still a challenging ride. No matter which end you start at there is a bit of steep climb to kick things off. Throughout there are several climbs with technical obstacles and there are a few tough creek crossings. Also, riding this as an out and back is only a little over 8 miles but has over 1,800′ of combined elevation gain. Riding this as a loop decreases elevation gain by a couple grand but puts the distance just over 10 miles. Not that difficult really but my legs were feeling it after the 30+ mile ride the day before.

We saw a couple walking a dog near the trailhead but other than that we were the only users. Kind of makes you wonder where everyone else is. Most of this trail is in the shade which is nice on a hot day. It does pop out on the face of the butte a couple of times where you generally have some nice views of the valley but all the smoke in the air made it hard to see past State Line Road.

I updated the trail map page for Aspen and added a few photos of it to the gallery. Next trail I hope to ride in this area is Dead Cow. It’s basically supposed to be an extension of Aspen that continues north from Spring Creek to Teton Canyon. I’ll try to get that in after work one day this week.