Bullwinkle | Peaked

Over the last few weeks I haven’t been posting as many updates as I had been earlier this summer. That’s not to say I haven’t been riding though. Instead of trying to crank out more map segments I decided to get some rides in for fun. This past month I’ve ridden Southfork Horseshoe, the lower Horseshoe Loops, Mill Creek, Lightning Ridge/Loop, Sink or Swim and Ferrins. I also spent a couple days taking downhill laps on Teton Pass and Grand Targhee during the last weekend the lift was spinning there. Since I had all of these trails mapped already I was able to ride them w/o having to stop to take photos or check on the GPS the whole time, which was pretty nice for a change.

But this week I had the chance to ride the two newest trails in the area. Both of which are at Grand Targhee Resort, which has been ridiculously busy cranking out the trails this summer. Neither Bullwinkle or Peaked are technically complete and probably won’t be until next summer, but both are ride-able and the latter is actually riding awesome already especially considering most of it was only cut in over the last month or so.

As I mentioned, I rode Targhee the last weekend the lift was operating for the summer. After taking a one last lap on all of the other downhill trails, I rolled down Bullwinkle from the top. This trail starts at the second intersection of Buffalo Drop, Sticks & Stones, and Sidewinder and finishes on the Powder Reserve Traverse just above the entrance to Lightning Ridge. Harlan Hottenstein, who has been a key trail builder on Teton Pass, was commissioned by the resort to carve this beast of a trail into the hillside. There is still a lot of work to be done on the upper half of the trail but the resort enlisted the Snake River Mountain Bike Club out of Pocatello to assist in buffing out the lower half for use in the Targhee Enduro Mountain Bike Race that they wrapped up the season with. This is sure to become their most popular downhill trail once it’s complete. It’s wide, sort of like the interstate of bike trails, and loaded with rollers and head high burms.