Cache Creek Sidewalk | Hagen Highway | Sink Or Swim | KC | Shade Monkey

Shade Monkey 2

Earlier this week I took a lap around the Snow King and Cache Creek area and was able to map most of the front side trails I was missing. Starting with the Cache Creek Sidewalk, I crossed Cache and rode Hagen back to the beginning. From there I climbed the Hagen Highway and then Hagen to Sink Or Swim. After riding Sink Or Swim, I came back up the KC trail returning to Sink Or Swim and then dropped back down Shade Monkey.

This last trail was one I had never ridden before. It connects Sink Or Swim to Pine Glades Drive just above the tunnel which runs under Snow King. At close to half a mile it’s pretty short, but is still a really fun option.

I still need to ride Linda’s trail, Josie’s Ridge, and all of the trails on the backside of the hill, but I’m definitely getting closer to having this area done. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it up by the end of this summer.

I added some photos and updated the map pages for the following trails: