Fuzzy Bunny | Palmer’s | Crater Lake

Fuzzy Bunny Berms

Today I pedaled up the Old Pass Road from the bottom which is a 1900′ climb crammed into 3.5 miles. I probably should have recorded that track with the GPS since it connects most of the trails on the pass. There’s always next time. From there we rode down Fuzzy Bunny which only had one small patch of snow but was otherwise clear and dry. There was some trail work being done to smooth out a rough section and we could tell that some work had been done since last summer after the last time we rode it. There are still a couple turns that could use some work. From there I dropped into the Power Line Jump trail which was in great shape. Some really fun features were added at the beginning of last season including a couple large banked turns. After that I finished up my ride by heading down the Crater Lake trail. Just after turning onto that I had a close encounter with a young moose who posed for a couple of photos.

I updated the trail map pages for those trails which you can see here:

Fuzzy Bunny
Power Line Jumps
Crater Lake

I also added several photos of each to the photo gallery, so definitely take a look at those. Oh and btw, my new Crank Brothers wheels are sweet: