Hagen | Ferrins

Ferrins Summit Grace

Too much work and not enough riding this last week. I did manage to get an after work ride on Mill Creek with the wife one day this week, otherwise not much else to share. Yesterday I tried to make up for that a little. I took G-Funk, the world’s slowest coonhound, up Hagen/Hagen to Ferrins/Ferrins. This is probably my second favorite trail in the area. It’s easy to get to, has a good climb but doesn’t take that long, and has one of the most buffed descents of any trail around here. At times, as with most trails in the Snow King Cache Creek area, it does get congested. I think you just have to catch it on the right day and time. I have managed to go up and down it without seeing another person, this is probably never going to happen midday on a Saturday though. On the downhill I was pulling off frequently to let others by. But the weather was awesome, the trail was in great shape, the hound dog got worked, overall good ride. The first couple of banked turns through the meadows just before the top are a little dusty already, I  got a bit squirly through there on the downhill. Otherwise this trail is as good as it usually is.

Hagen to Ferrins Bank Turn

Just after leaving the trailhead, I get a call from my friend Art who said he had just seen me driving through an intersection and had just finished riding Ferrins himself. He and a friend of his were heading over to the pass to shuttle Fuzzy Bunny. Wanting to make up for the slow week, I met them at the bottom of the hill and caught a ride up. This trail gets better every time I ride it. Still a couple turns through the gulley that could use some work, but it’s come a long way since last year.

Also, I updated the trail map pages for both Hagen to Ferrins and Ferrins and took a ton of photos of both trails while waiting on the dog which I added to the photo gallery.

Today looks like another great day to get out and ride.