Pass Ridge | Black Canyon

Black Canyon

I finally got around to riding Black Canyon for the first time this season. I think that’s the dustiest I’ve ever seen it which is pretty crazy considering how early in the season it is and that the Pass Ridge trail didn’t even melt off that long ago. I’m used to the top section through the meadows being dusty just b/c of how exposed it is, but the bottom usually stays nice and firm once you get into the trees. The low snow pack and lack of rain this year has definitely had an effect on some of the trails. Otherwise, this was still a fun ride as usual. It would be hard to not have a good time on a nearly 5 mile long single track w/a 2,700′ descent.

In addition to Black Canyon I also mapped Pass Ridge from the parking lot at the summit of Hwy 22. I should note that most people usually bypass the first half of that trail by taking the service road to the west of the ridge, that’s actually the only way I’ve ever ridden it. I have to say it’s a much more scenic route taking the trail around the east side of the ridge, but it’s a slightly harder climb than taking the road. I also added a few pictures of each of these trails to the photo gallery.