Phillip’s Connector | Parallel

Parallel Rock Hip Dana

This afternoon Beth and I took G-Money over to Teton Pass to ride there for the first time this season. While a handful of people were still skiing a fully covered Edelweiss and Telemark bowls, we pedaled up the Old Pass Road. Not long after turning onto the Phillip’s Connector we started running into patches of snow. At least a half dozen places were covered and needed to be hiked over. At the top we probably should’ve just turned around and ridden back down the connector but instead decided to check out Jimmy’s Mom. The first half still has a lot of snow, we probably walked more than biked on that, but the snow was completely gone by the time we hit the cutoff to either head back to the connector or continue on so we kept heading down. From that point there’s been a lot of trail work done since last year. After the first set of big jumps there is now a section with several huge burmed turns which runs into a few really large rollers and right back into the burms. I probably should’ve snapped a few shots of the new features but was having too much fun riding them. Just below that there was some large equipment on the trail doing some work so we ended up having to come down an old two track to return to the road.

From there we rolled up to Parallel and continued the descent. That trail is in great shape, maybe slightly dusty in places, but overall it’s riding good. The only new feature we saw on that was at the very end: a ~12 foot banked turn with a small hip jump near the top.

Afterwards we had lunch at the Pearl Street Bagels in Wilson and hung out in the backyard along the creek enjoying another awesome day in the Tetons.

For the trail map updates I was able to record the Phillip’s Connector and Parallel trails (see links). We ended up walking and riding off trail too much on Jimmy’s to use that track but I’m sure we’ll be able to get down it in just a couple weeks, I’ll get that page updated just as soon as we do. I also added a few more shots to the trail photos gallery so definitely check those out.