Red Creek

This week Beth and I rode Pine Creek Pass again, taking a more popular loop this time. We started at Spooky, pedaled up to the junction with Corral Creek, and headed east. From there we climbed up to the top of Red Creek and coasted down to the other end of Corral.

The first part of the downhill on Red Creek is ridiculously fun. It’s sort of like a mini slalom course through tight trees down to the bottom of the drainage. I really should have stopped in there to take a few photos but I just couldn’t make myself do it. From the bottom of this section you take a left across the gully and keep heading down. This span doesn’t allow you open it up as much b/c of the even tighter trees along w/a few really sharp turns, but it’s still pretty fast.

After exiting the trees and crossing the bridge over the creek the trail mellows out a bit. This section is very scenic with some neat rock formations and views down into the North Fork Pine Creek drainage and of the ridge beyond that. It’s also narrow and overgrown in a few places so you definitely need to keep your eyes open. There are also a few creek crossings that can be a bit challenging depending on the amount of water, the last of which is stays challenging b/c of the steep banks in and out of it.

In order to connect this back to Corral Creek you take a left on the Sheep Driveway ATV trail. After pedaling up a short climb there’s a fun downhill loaded with water bars that you can launch off. Hang another left just before the creek crossing and the next uphill and you’re on the west end of Corral Creek which takes you back to Spooky.

I added a few photos and updated the map page for Red Creek. Next up for this area will be Grove Creek and Drake Creek.