Rick’s Basin | Quakie Ridge | Snowdrift

Rick's Basin 7

Last night after work Will and I rode a few of the XC trails at Grand Targhee Resort.  None of the 3 are very long in themselves, which would be great for a beginner or someone short on time, but combining the 3 makes for a decent ride. We actually rode all 3 and then did a reverse lap on Rick’s and Snowdrift and were back at the base area before we knew it.  After having ridden these I think the way you get the most bang for your buck is starting on the West section of Rick’s, crossing to the east section of Quakie, riding that loop and crossing back to to the west section of Rick’s (making a figure eight), and then riding Snowdrift from North to South, returning to the west section of Rick’s. Overall a great little loop that you can knock out in a hurry.

I updated the trail map pages for Rick’s Basin, Quakie Ridge, and Snowdrift Loop as well as adding several photos of each to the photo gallery.

Dreamcatcher lift is running for the summer season from 10am to 5pm. I am about to take a few runs on the downhill trails over my lunch break. Let’s see how many of the lift serviced trails I can get mapped in an hour.