Rush Hour | Nemo

Rush Hour Trailhead

I decided to take an easy Sunday ride and check out one of the areas newest trails. Parking on Old Jackson Highway I started up Rush Hour, although it wasn’t long before I had reached the end. This trail parallels highway 33 near the bottom of the pass on the Idaho side which is pretty much everything I knew about it before having ridden it. Turns out it’s pretty short, not even two and a quarter miles. That said it’s a pretty fun XC trail with lots of banked turns and bridges and is in great shape for how new it is. The trail stops just across from the state line parking lot, looking up at Mount Oliver. It only takes 15-20 minutes to get there from where you start which is barely enough time to get your heart rate up. I have no idea what the plans are for this trail but it has a lot of potential. Hopefully it will be continued further up the pass, it would be awesome if it even went as far as Coal Creek. Since it doesn’t, I turned around. Even though I was looking for an easy ride, four and a half miles and barely over a half hour of riding felt way too short. After making the return trip I decided to cross the highway and head over to Nemo’s.

I believe Nemo’s is unsanctioned by the f.s., which means it probably isn’t being published in any of the area maps or trail guide books but there’s nothing stopping people from riding it. If you haven’t ridden it recently you’ll notice that the original entrances to the trail were blocked off by several log jams and dirt mounds but has since been rerouted. This is another short ride, only four miles if ridden as an out and back and slightly less if you pedal up the power line road. Usually this makes for a fun early season or after work ride but probably wasn’t worth making the trek across the valley or the pass otherwise. But like I found out, linking this with Rush Hour both as out and backs including the stretch of road in between, makes for an easy yet respectable eight and a half mile ride.

I recorded both of those trails and updated their map pages here:

Rush Hour


I also added a few pics of each to the photo gallery so check those out as well.