Sidewinder | Sticks & Stones

Sidewinder 5

I knocked out another two of the trails at Grand Targhee, leaving only two more to go for this area, both of which are still under construction.  I took a couple of laps from the top of the Dreamcatcher lift coming down Sidewinder and then Sticks & Stones. Both of these are completely clear of snow as of the last week or two and parts of which are already dusty.

Sidewinder is the resorts “blue” downhill trail but is actually very rugged and technical and combined with Grand Traverse, which connects you from the top of the lift to almost all of their downhill trails, you end up with a nearly 4.5 mile ride. Sticks & Stones is one of the resort’s “black” trails which is also very technical. This trail has quite a few natural features including rock drops and stump jumps but none of the bigger freeride jumps you might expect to find on a lift serviced trail. That said, it’s actually incredibly fun and will keep you on edge the whole way down. This trail is around 3.5 miles of downhill including the Grand Traverse.

Sticks & Stones 6

The last 2 trails I have to ride at Targhee are the Bullwinkle trail, which looks to be coming along quickly. This trail is being built by Harlan Hottenstein who has worked on many of the pass trails including Arrow, Phillip’s Ridge, Fuzzy Bunny, Candy Land, etc. If this turns out like any of those it’s sure to be an awesome ride.  The other trail will be called Peaked, which is being built by the resort’s own trail and race coordinator: Andy Williams. This will start from the junction of Lightning Ridge and Colter’s Escape and climb Peaked Mountain for a bit before descending the west face of the mountain and will end near the junction of Colter’s and Mill Creek. This along with the Lightning Loop trail will make several loop options from the resort or Mill Creek. Both of these new trails should be complete later this summer.

Sticks & Stones Dana 2

I have updated the trail map pages for both Sidewinder and Sticks & Stones as well as adding photos of each to the gallery.