Spooky | Corral Creek

A few days ago I took G-Money for a ride around a couple of the Pine Creek Pass trails. Starting w/Spooky I pedaled up to the junction of Corral Creek and took a left heading West. From there we rode down to the Sheep Driveway. This half of the trail is super smooth, fast, and flowy. In order to map this one we pedaled back up past the turn off for Spooky. The east end of this trail is a little more challenging. The grade gets a little steeper and there are a few short technical climbs to grind up, one of those being the last quarter mile up to the Crest trail. With the exception of one creek crossing that most people will probably have to walk, this trail is entirely rideable. We continued on past the turn off for Red Creek up to the saddle where the Big Hole Crest and Grove Creek meet before turning around and riding back down Spooky to the car.

In order to make a loop out of these trails most people ride Spooky to Corral heading east, then over to Red Creek and down to the Sheep Driveway before pedaling back up the west half of Corral and back to Spooky. You could also take Corral Creek west to Grove Creek, Drake Creek, or Rocky Peak and ride those down to the valley but these options require riding up or shuttling Pine Creek Pass.

BTW, these trails were in great shape, probably the firmest dirt I’ve ridden most of the summer. I’d definitely recommend taking a lap up there if you haven’t done so in a while.

I updated the trail map pages for Spooky, and Corral Creek, and added photos of both to the gallery. I’ll probably go back to ride/map Red Creek on my next days off.