Pocatello’s City Creek | Logan Utah

Green Canyon Logan, UT Clark & Dana

I’ve been slacking on the blog. Even though I haven’t been writing much I have been riding a ton. I put the skis away right after the resorts closed this winter and headed south. I didn’t end up making it too far but still had a great trip. I spent a few days in Pocatello riding the City Creek trails during the day, soaking in the hot springs at Lava during the evenings, and camping out at night. I took Clark dog w/me and introduced him to mountain biking, now he can’t get enough. A couple of those days were spent riding with my friend Chris. It seemed we weren’t the only ones staying close by. We ran into several people from Teton Valley and saw a handful of cars at the trailhead with Teton County plates.

Day one we did a loop on the south side of the network. Starting at the Lower City Creek trailhead we rode Fenceline to Death Valley/Bump/Serengeti/Sullivans/Mushroom/Upper City Creek/911/Life Flight. This ride was around 8.5 miles w/nearly 1500′ of climbing which was just about perfect for the first ride of the season.

On day 2 we took a lap around the north end trails. Starting at the Lower City Creek trailhead again we pedaled up the North Fork to The Grove/Outlaw/Black Cairn/Switchback/White Cairn/Lower City Creek. This ride was only slightly longer but has around a 1000′ more vertical. Both laps are really fun and have some great trails with a good mix of everything.

If you’re interested the map and stats for those rides can be seen here: South City Creek Mountain Bike Ride – 4/27/2013 or
North City Creek Mountain Bike Ride – 04/28/13. I also uploaded some photos to an album here: Pocatello, ID – April 2013

Next I made my way down to Logan, UT. I spent the better part of a week there hanging out with friends and riding some of the lower trails like Green and Providence Canyons. Both of those are pretty short and mellow but still around 8.5 – 9 miles round trip and between 1200′ – 1500′ of climbing. I rode each one twice while I was there. I hear there are a few bigger rides in Logan Canyon but those all still had snow or mud while I was there. There’s a photo album for that part of the trip here: Logan, UT – May 2013.

I came back home and spent the next couple weeks riding things that usually aren’t ready until much later. Several laps on the lower Horseshoe Canyon trails, an out and back on Aspen, Putt Putt to Hagen, Ferrins, and Mill Creek were all open and riding great. Then I had to go back to work.

I’ve still been riding a lot and have even updated the map with quite a few trails since last summer. I’ll try and get back on here soon and put another post up w/more info on those.