Sprockids – Teton Region Youth Cycling Program

MBT has chosen to partner with the internationally recognized Sprockids Program, which is proudly sponsored by Giant Bicycles.

The program will begin in June of 2018 but we need your help! Visit our Volunteer Page and drop us a line if you are interested in coaching or sponsoring the program.

09/11/17 Update

Sprockids is currently seeking someone to build the wooden features for teaching skills to the participants. We have blueprints and materials ready to go, so please let us know if you can help! Below is the most complicated piece with the others being small ramps and blance beams.

Sprockids Mission Statement: “Through the sport of mountain biking young people will have the opportunity to develop the skills, values, and strategies that will guide them throughout their lives and enable them to successfully reach their full potential.”

The Sprockids Program

  • How to mountain bike – 55 skills over 4 program levels
  • How to maintain your bike
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Trail safety and trail building

Sprockids is based on the following principles:

  • Teaches four skills areas for cycling: Safety, Etiquette, Riding Skills, and Bicycle Maintenance.
  • Participants progress in all areas at their own pace.
  • Everyone participates.
  • No one sits on the bench.
  • Participants record progress in their personal “Passport”
  • Trained leaders instruct and evaluate.
  • Teaches life skills – goal setting, problem-solving, decision making.
  • Develops a healthy, positive philosophy to cycling and learning as lifelong activities.
  • Promotes values – respect for others, empathy, appreciation and responsibility for the environment.

It’s not just for kids!
Parents, mountain biking is one of the few activities you can physically DO WITH your children. Rather than just driving them to the rink and watching you can actually participate with your children and experience the excitement of mountain biking right along with them. You will connect with your children on a very real and meaningful level, while rediscovering the child within yourself.

The History of Sprockids:
Doug Detwiller, an elementary school teacher living on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, designed this innovative program. Sprockids was originally developed in 1990 as a Self Esteem/Anger Management Program to help students succeed in school. Since then, Sprockids has evolved into a multi-faceted program engaging thousands of young people in the lifelong activity of mountain biking while teaching them the skills, values, and strategies to succeed in life. The program is now used in over 20 countries by teachers, coaches, cycling clubs, youth organizations, law enforcement agencies, and parents.

Sprockids is all about changing the role and definition of sports in our society. Being active and having fun should be a part of everyday life. Sprockids is all inclusive! “Nobody Sits on the Bench” in our sport. The program appeals to a large segment of young people, including those youths who would never consider themselves “athletes.” Mountain biking is all about having adventure, fun, adrenaline, and discovery. The Sprockids Program teaches young people 55 skills, which enable them to safely and successfully enjoy mountain biking. The program serves as the catalyst for engaging young people, their parents, and others in creating a cycling community where all generations share a common interest and activity, that being cycling and the lifestyle that accompanies it.


  • 1990 Began Developing the Sprockids Mountain Bike Program
  • Sprockids is now in 20 countries and is recognized as one of the premier MTB programs for young people.
  • 1999 to 2003 Doug was Educational Director for IMBA (International)
  • 1993 Sprockids established and built the first officially recognized Mountain Bike Skills/Teaching Park in North America.
  • In 2000 and 2001, Trail Fest, another Sprockids brainchild, was a two-day event bringing together the Backcountry Horsemen’s Organization, hikers, ATV riders, RCMP, BC Ministry of Forests, Ministry of Environment, the logging industry, mountain bikers, and over 1000 students from K to 12 to reclaim and build 43 km of trails as part of their school day. The majority of these trails have been officially recognized as “Recreational Trails” by the B.C. government. Even today, this remains the largest event of its kind ever to have happened in North America.
  • 2002 to 2007 Doug was Sprockids Director for CCA (Canadian Cycling Association) The CCA Sprockids “National Introduction to Cycling Program” was developed by the “Sprockids Technical Team” composed of 2 Level 4 National Coaches, CanBike Instructor, and Sprockids Creator Doug Detwiller. The program was Canada’s “National Introductory Cycling Program.”
  • 2005 Sprockids partnered up with Capilano University’s MB0. This is an accredited university course in Mountain Biking Management and Operations. Each year the MBO students utilize the Sprockids Bike Park as their outdoor classroom where they learn proper train building techniques and trail design. The relationship has greatly benefited the community as each year the student build a new trail for the park.
  • 2013 Mountain Bike Australia adopted the Sprockids Program as the basis for their national program “Dirt Schools.”
  • 2013 Sprockids partnered with Giant Bicycles Canada. Together they are updating the Instructional Manuals as well as creating new material for the program.
  • 2013 Doug, along with Patrick and Paul Lucas co-founded the Aboriginal Youth Mountain Biking Program. ( aymbp.ca)
  • In 2014 140 new Sprockids Leaders, front Vancouver Island to Newfoundland have taken the Sprockids Leader Training Course. New Sprockids Programs are happening throughout Canada!
  • 2014 Giant Bicycles Canada and Sprockids partnered with the Tim Hortons Foundation to bring the Sprockids Program to their Summer Camps for Kids. Each year over 4000 kids attend these camps. (See Press Release)
  • 2015 marks the 25thAnniversary for the Sprockids Program

Over the years Doug and the Sprockids Program have received numerous awards in recognition for the innovative work it does with young people and the contributions made to the cycling community.

  • The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International “Paul Harris Fellow”
  • IMBA Canada “Leadership Award”
  • Kids Day International “Children’s Empowerment Award”
  • Belleville, New York, Police Department “Off Drugs On Bikes Program”
  • Sunshine Coast Teachers Association “Innovative Programming Award”
  • “Outstanding Teacher Award”
  • Cycling B.C. “Bronze Spoke” Award
  • Gibsons & District Chamber of Commerce Community Recognition Awards: “Service To Youth”
  • C. School Cycling Coaches Association Award
  • Coast Garibaldi Health “Injury Prevention Champion”
  • Cycling B.C. “Mountain Bike Volunteer of the Year”
  • SportB.C. “Presidents’ Award”
  • C. Secondary Schools Mountain Bike Association Award

Since Sprockids began in 1990 there have been over 250 articles written about the program and its positive impact on young people. The coverage ranges from local newspapers, educational journals, and government publications to international magazines sold around the world. Sprockids has also been featured on network television. The partial list of publications includes; Mountain Bike Action, Mountain Biking Magazine, Mountain Biking, Bike, Pedal, Canadian Cyclist, Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, Velo News, IMBA, Dirt Rag, Pinkbike and NSMB.