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Pocatello City Creek Trail Map

Today Beth, her brother Jeff, his friend Dave, our own G-Money, and myself all met up in Pocatello to ride the City Creek trail network. First of all, everything was in great shape. I heard it hit 70+ degree temps there over a month ago. If we go much longer without rain, things will be getting dusty there soon. For those of you that haven’t ridden the City Creek area, it’s real fun. It’s bigger and more developed than Teton Valley’s Horseshoe Canyon and close to if not bigger than Jackson’s Cache Creek. We ended up linking enough of the trails together to get in a 13+ mile ride and we still let a large part of the trail map untouched.

Afterwards, we hit up Portneuf Valley Brewing which is just a few minutes away from trail head. They have a good selection of beers on tap, all of which are brewed in house. They also have a decent menu. It may not be Grand Teton or Snake River Brewing but for the price and proximity to the trail, you can’t go wrong.

I’ve uploaded our ride from today for anyone who’s interested in checking it out for themselves. We still have a couple weeks before everything opens up in the Tetons, but for those of you who can’t wait all you have to do is drive south 2.5 hours.

So tomorrow we’re heading up towards Missoula. We heard about a few hot springs near there and are planning on finding one to spend a few hours soaking in on the way. Then hopefully one of the local bike shops up there will have some good recommendations for riding.  I already know how I’ll be spending the rest of my day: Beer!

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City Creek Mountain Bike Ride – 05/02/2012

City Creek – Pocatello, ID

Trails: Fenceline, Rim Trail, Death Valley, Prison, Cusick Creek, Serengeti, Sullivans, Mushroom, Upper City Creek, Cone, North Fork, The Grove, Outlaw, Black Cairn, Switchback, White Cairn, Lower City Creek

Total distance: 21.50 km (13.4 mi)
Total time: 3:42:49
Moving time: 1:53:40
Average speed: 5.79 km/h (3.6 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 11.35 km/h (7.1 mi/h)
Max speed: 34.20 km/h (21.3 mi/h)
Average pace: 10.36 min/km (16.7 min/mi)
Average moving pace: 5.29 min/km (8.5 min/mi)
Min pace: 1.75 min/km (2.8 min/mi)
Max elevation: 1731 m (5679 ft)
Min elevation: 1361 m (4466 ft)
Elevation gain: 791 m (2595 ft)
Max grade: 7 %
Min grade: -16 %
Recorded: 05/02/2012 12:56 PM

City Creek Chart