Blair Drive Kids Pump Track

A super awesome, 1/2 mile singletrack trail leading to a one-of-a-kind skills loop along Blair Drive in Jackson, Wyoming

The Blair Drive Kids’ Bike Loop will provide an awesome opportunity near the school campuses and accessible by the community pathways system that would enable kids of all ages to develop mountain bike skills from an early age and allow whole families to enjoy cycling fun in a safe, traffic-free environment.

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  • 1/2 mile long natural surface trail with bumps and turns
  • Skills area loop with rollers and bermed corners
  • Intended for younger kids (age 3-12) & open to all users
  • Total project budget: $12,950 and 230 hours skilled labor (plus volunteer labor)

Project Timeline

  • After months of hard work by Teton County Trails and Pathways’ Brian Schilling, in April 2018, the Town Council of Jackson unanimously approved the project concept and location
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Mountain Bike the Tetons and the Town of Jackson for construction and maintenance of the project is currently being finalized
  • Fundraising efforts are actively taking place (see below for info)
  • Construction is slated for two weeks in July 2018

Project Description

Along with the Town of Jackson and Teton County Pathways, MBT will plan and construct a 0.5-mile natural surface (dirt) biking trail paralleling the pathway along Blair Dr. The trail is intended for use by younger kids (ages 3-12) and would be open to all users. It will feature a dirt surface with small features (bumps and turns) that could be negotiated by beginner users, including kids on strider bikes.

Purpose and Need

Younger kids in Jackson lack good, accessible options for mountain biking that offer beginner trails and safe places to learn the basic skills of off-road riding. The closest mountain bike trails on Jackson Hole’s public lands (Cache Creek, Snow King, and Teton Pass) and at the bike park at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort are all geared toward older, more experienced riders. It is also difficult for younger kids to access these locations unless accompanied (and likely driven) to the trailhead by an adult. The Blair Drive Kids’ Bike Loop will provide a conveniently located trail near school campuses and local neighborhoods. Accessible by the community pathways system, the Blair Drive Kids Loop that will enable kids of all ages to develop mountain bike skills from an early age and allow whole families to enjoy cycling fun in a safe, traffic-free environment.

Project Location

The proposed location is along the south side of Blair Drive on the two open space parcels owned by the Town of Jackson between Whitehouse Dr. and the Community Garden near Jackson Hole Middle School. The trail will run parallel to and just south of the Blair Pathway, separated a minimum of 18’ from the roadway and a minimum of 2’ from the pathway. There will be no encroachment on private property and minimal impacts to existing vegetation located on the Town open space parcels.

Located in close vicinity to several high-density neighborhoods and five school campuses, the Blair Kids’ Bike Loop trail would be accessible to a wide range of neighborhood kids and would even be an option for kids to ride on their way to school.


Site Location. Existing Pathway = ORANGE New Trail = BLUE Skills Loop = Black

Trail Design Specifications

  • Designed by Ron Murray
  • 1700’ long trail, 2’ wide
  • Compacted soil tread 3-4” depth
  • Features will be a maximum of 18” high with rolling transitions
  • Skills area –  a separate loop with small features including rollers and bermed corners
  • Rollers 18” height at 10’ spacing
  • Berms 3.5’ high with 10-15’ radii
  • Slightly wider (3’) tread
  • Minimum offset from pathway: 2 feet
  • Minimum offset from roadway: 18 feet

Pump Track Design Schematic

Design & Construction Challenges

The site presents very few challenges. It is flat and open, so grading and drainage can be easily addressed. There are three constriction points between the pathway and adjacent fencing or vegetation, but there is sufficient room for a 24”-wide track along the entirety of the project area. Staging and access plan is still being developed.

Project Funding & Budget

Total project budget is $12,950 and 230 man-hours (design, admin, site prep, construction, mitigation, clean-up), plus volunteer labor for maintenance.

Project Partners

  • Jackson Hole Community Pathways
  • Mountain Bike the Tetons
  • Friends of Pathways
  • Town of Jackson
  • Neighbors and families




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Brian Schilling, Pathways Coordinator
Town of Jackson

Tony Ferlisi, Executive Director
Mountain Bike the Tetons