Driggs 5th Street Park Trail Project

8/31/17 Update

On July 15th, Jim Sadauckas began flagging and clearing the advanced Green loop. With the help of the trail crew and a few dedicated volunteers, the trail began to take shape over the next couple weeks. All of that hard work and the trail is now ridable. We will be completing a few features over the remainder of the season once it begins raining, but please go ride it! There are signs that should get you to the general area from the 5th Street Skatepark parking area. If you would like to volunteer to help dig the remaining 1.3 miles of trail, head over to our volunteer page, here. We will be hosting a Maintenance Monday to begin the second trail on September 11th. Details are available, here.


Current Project Status: Fundraising and Building Trail

On July 5th, the Driggs City Council approved a proposal compiled by Jim Sadauckas to add 1.6 miles of singletrack to the 5th Street Park.

MBT has offered their support to this project and will be hosting several work days this summer to complete as many of the trails as possible. This will fill the need for a child and beginner friendly trail system in the Valley and has received a lot of positive response! Work days will be announced soon. The project description can be viewed below.

The goal is to create a family-friendly mountain bike trail system in the Driggs 5th Street Park. The trail system will consist of at least one beginner-friendly loop with optional sections to build skills and challenge intermediate and expert mountain bikers alike. The proposed mountain biking trail system would be a boon to locals and visitors based on in-town location, lower elevation (i.e. early/late season riding) and family-friendly nature (minimal elevation gain).

Please consider supporting our efforts in this project by clicking here.

Green Loop

A ~0.2-mile section of intermediate/expert terrain along the northern park boundary between the dirt jump line, BMX track and disc golf course. The loop consists of wooded turns between trees with some (~30ft) of descending/climbing, off camber sections, berms, rollers and switchback features.

Orange Loop

~1 mile of beginner trail starting from the parking lot, skirting between the BMX track and the disc golf access trail. While incorporating twists, turns and some rolling terrain features, the first part of the trail may be a bit wider and/or two-way up to the intersection with the exit spur. The singletrack would then meander east looping below the 1st tee, shielded from the 2nd hole by some existing embankments. It will then swing between the 3rd hole and 4th tee where plenty of space exists. The trail will then make a number of turns and bends in the wooded southeast corner of the park which is currently unutilized, then cross back to the north boundary between the wide open 5th hole and 6th tee, running below the 7th tee and/or along the northern fence line, with an optional spur onto the Green loop, eventually returning to the main trail intersection.

Red Loop

A  meandering path with some embankments, side hills and trees within the lowest lying, unused terrain in the middle of the disc golf course. Presumably, this area is subject to seasonal flooding but a trail boundary marked by primitive edging using abundant river rock, native to the site, would be fairly unaffected. This ~0.2 miles section will offer some seasonal variety with minimal elevation gain.

Blue Loop

This relatively short section of trail will provide additional elevation drop/gain for intermediate riding, as well as enhancing trail awareness and visibility along 5th street frontage and parking lot.

Skills Area

The first of two existing clearings will be used to construct wooden bridge features of various widths and heights to challenge rider skills/balance. The second clearing will contain a narrow balance section as well.