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Cache Creek To Game Creek Ride

A great scenic loop that leaves right from Jackson.


This trail is accessed via the Cache Creek trailhead [Directions from town square Jackson, WY] or indirectly from Game Creek [Directions to trailhead from town square Jackson, WY].


Start your ride at the Cache Creek trailhead. From there, you can either take Cache Creek or any one of  Putt-Putt, Hagen Sidewalk, or Hagen trails back to Cache Creek, continuing until you’ve reached the Cache Creek-Game Creek junction (3.8 mi). At this point, hang a right onto the Game Creek trail, crossing the bridge and gaining a little more elevation up a short but steep climb. Keep going until you’ve reached Game Creek saddle (4.4 mi). Take a break and enjoy the views for a minute, it’s all downhill from here. Drop into Game Creek and enjoy a 5.4 mile downhill on banked turns through the upper drainage leading into long straights across meadows and around several ponds before ending at Game Creek Road (9.8 mi). Continue down Game Creek Road until you’ve reached Hwy 26/89 (10.8 mi). Carefully cross the highway and go right onto the Jackson Hole Community Pathway taking this all the way back to town where you’ll merge onto another pathway, taking a right through the tunnel under the highway (16.3 mi). From here you have a couple of options. The first would be to stay on the bike path until it ends on Elk Run behind the new Post Office (17.1 mi). Take a right on Elk Run, right on Maple Way, left on Scott, right on Snow King, left on Vine, right on Kelly, right on Redmond, left on Cache, and keep going until you’ve reached the Cache Creek trailhead (20.5 mi). Or, if you want to ride a little more dirt, you can take the pathway through the tunnel to the Josie’s Ridge KC junction (16.9 mi) on the right side of the pathway just before the bridge. Go straight onto KC (left of the two trails), keep going until you hit a ‘T’ intersection with Sink Or Swim, taking a left here (17.9 mi) and continuing along Sink or Swim/Sink or Swim to Hagen (19.8 mi). From there, take the mostly downhill Hagen Highway trail back to the Cache Creek trailhead and have a beer, you’ll be thirsty.



Cache Creek To Game Creek Ride
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A great scenic loop that leaves right from Jackson.

Distance: 33.24 km (20.7 mi)

Difficulty: More Difficult

Min Elevation: 1822 m (5977 ft)

Max Elevation: 2266 m (7435 ft)

Total Elevation +/-: 672 m (2205 ft) / - 672 m (2206 ft)

Min Grade: 21 %

Max Grade: -18 %

Recorded: 6/9/2014 11:57am