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Lower Horseshoe Canyon Loops

Awesome purpose built singletrack that is fun to ride in any direction.


This ride starts at the Bovine trailhead on Old Horseshoe Road [Directions to trailhead from Driggs, ID].


Start your ride by climbing the Bovine trail from the parking area on Old Horseshoe Rd. Continue up Bovine, crossing the Miners two-track and continuing onto Shark’s Belly (1.3 mi). Stay on Shark’s Belly until you’ve reached the “5-way” junction (2.8 mi). From there, take a hard left onto Probation. At the bottom of the downhill, take a hard right onto the two-track (3.6 mi), and climb just a few yards, keeping an eye out for the right turn for Burgh (3.7 mi). Climb Burgh back up to the 5-way (4.2 mi) and keep straight through the junction onto Bumper which becomes Cody’s at the two-track crossing (4.5 mi). Keep going until you’ve reached a T intersection, where you’ll take a left onto Sodbuster (5.4 mi). Eventually, Sodbuster makes a right onto an old two-track (6.6 mi). As you climb the two-track, keep an eye out for the left turn (6.9 mi) onto Southbound just before the saddle. Follow Sodbuster all the way around and you’ll be back at the saddle but just before that happens, there’ll be a left turn for Channel Lock (9.9 mi). Follow this trail back down to Old Horseshoe Rd, take a right (11.3 mi) and the Bovine trailhead will be just a ways up (11.9 mi).


Lower Horseshoe Canyon Loops
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Awesome purpose built singletrack that is fun to ride in any direction.

Distance: 19.74 km (12.3 mi)

Min Elevation: 1929 m (6329 ft)

Max Elevation: 2179 m (7149 ft)

Total Elevation +/-: 705 m (2314 ft) / - 705 m (2314 ft)

Min Grade: -21.9 %

Max Grade: 20.9 %

Recorded: 7/15/2013 6:37PM