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Mail Cabin to Mikesell Ride

Adventure mountain bike ride with amazing views, steep off-camber traverses and a rowdy adrenaline pumping descent.


This ride starts at the Mail Cabin trailhead [Directions to trailhead from Victor, ID] and ends at the Mikesell Canyon trailhead [Directions to trailhead from Victor, ID].


Start your ride by parking at Mikesell Canyon trailhead and either pedalling or shuttleing the 6 miles to the Mail Cabin trailhead. From there, take the Mail Cabin trail along the creek towards the back of the canyon. A short distance before the end of the canyon the trail turns right and climbs the hillside up to the ridge line (2.3 mi). This section of trail was re-routed in 2015 to avoid an extremely steep hike-a-bike. Once you’ve reached the ridge line, you’ll be continuing onto the Mail Cabin to Mikesell Canyon trail. This trail contours the ridge to the west of Mail Cabin, passing behind Mount Oliver before reaching the top of Mikesell Canyon 4.5 miles later. At around 5.5 miles there will be a Y in the trail, stay right at this intersection. Taking a left will put you on the Elbow Fork trail which connects to Pole Canyon-to-Mikesell and onto Pole Canyon, which could be a fun ride as well and has a less technical downhill. At the top of Mikesell Canyon (7.4 mi) put on your knee pads, open up your shocks, and drop your seat post, it’s all down from there. After a long descent full of tight switchbacks, exposed traverses, loose gravel, extremely technical rock gardens, and several large root/rock drops, you’ll be spit out at the Mike Harris campground where you parked. Pro tip: leave a cooler of beers in the rig. Cheers!



Mail Cabin to Mikesell Ride
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Adventure mountain bike ride with amazing views, steep off-camber traverses and a rowdy…

Distance: 17.14 km (10.65 mi)

Difficulty: Extremely Difficult

Min Elevation: 1982 m (6503 ft)

Max Elevation: 2708 m (8884 ft)

Total Elevation +/-: 770 m (2527 ft) / - 1022 m (3352 ft)

Min Grade: -35.2 %

Max Grade: 39.2 %

Recorded: 7/12/2015 2:52PM