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This trail needs a description.


This trail can be accessed from either the Poison Creek trailhead [Directions to trailhead from Wilson, WY] or from the Big Munger trailhead on Fall Creek Rd [Directions to trailhead from Wilson, WY].


This trail can be ridden as a loop by taking Poison Creek to the first junction of Wally World/Squaw Creek/Tusky Ridge/Cosmic Carol and returning to the trailhead on Poison Creek; as a loop by taking Poison Creek to Cosmic Carol’s/Tusky Ridge/Squaw Creek and returning down Poison Creek -or- taking either Wally World or Tusky Ridge/Cosmic Carol back to Poison Creek -or- taking Rock Creek down to the Big Munger trailhead and returning along Fall Creek Rd; as a longer sort of figure 8 loop starting with Poison Creek and  taking the first turn onto Wally World continuing onto Squaw Creek/Tusky Ridge and coming back down Poison Creek to the trailhead;there are probably several other options here as well; any of these options can be ridden in reverse; probably a few other options. Also see Big Munger.


Tusky Ridge

This trail needs a description.

Trail Status: Fair

Trail Condition: Some Mud

Distance: 3.56 km (2.2 mi)

Difficulty: More Difficult

Min Elevation: 1958 m (6423 ft)

Max Elevation: 2150 m (7055 ft)

Total Elevation +/-: 34 m (112 ft) / - 214 m (703 ft)

Min Grade: -31.9 %

Max Grade: 15.9 %

Recorded: 5/12/2013 11:43AM

Trail Status


Trail Conditions

Some Mud
Very Muddy
Snow Packed
Snow Covered