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This challenging singletrack follows Corral Creek through forest, meadows and sagebrush hillsides. The numerous short steep climbs will test your lungs and legs, while a short rock section will have you off the bike (unless you're Danny MacAskill).


This trail can be accessed from the Spooky trailhead on Pine Creek Pass (Hwy 31) [Directions to trailhead from Victor, ID] or indirectly from a number of other trails including Rocky Peak, Drake Creek, Grove Creek, Big Hole Crest, or Red Creek.


This trail can be ridden as part of an out and back starting with Spooky and going either way at the split with this trail to the junction with Sheep Bridge (west at split) or the junction with Red Creek or the junction with the Big Hole Crest/Grove Creek (east at split) [listed in order of distance]; as part of a loop starting with Spooky/Corral Creek/Red Creek/Sheep Driveway/Corral Creek and returning on Spooky (can be ridden in opposite direction); as part of a longer loop including Spooky/Corral Creek (east at the split)/Grove Creekor Drake Creek or Rocky Peak [listed in order of distance] and returning on Hwy 31; these loops be extended by taking Corral Creek (west at the split) to Sheep Driveway/Red Creek and back to Corral Creek before continuing on to Grove Creek or Drake Creek or Rocky Peak; probably several other options.


Corral Creek

This challenging singletrack follows Corral Creek through forest, meadows and sagebrush…

Trail Status: Excellent

Trail Condition: Dry

Distance: 5.30 km (3.3 mi)

Difficulty: More Difficult

Min Elevation: 1867 m (6125 ft)

Max Elevation: 2282 m (7486 ft)

Total Elevation +/-: + 847 m (2780 ft)

Min Grade: - 48 %

Max Grade: 42.9 %

Recorded: 9/3/2012 1:44pm

Trail Status


Trail Conditions

Some Mud
Very Muddy
Snow Packed
Snow Covered