Because trails don't build themselves

Mountain Bike the Tetons needs your help to hire a 3-person trail crew for 2017!

Building on our 2016 crew’s successes, we are again hiring a private trail crew in 2017 to maintain and improve the multi-use trails most important to Teton region mountain bikers. The crew’s central focus will remain improving existing trails. Our crew operates under a cost-share agreement between Mountain Bike the Tetons and the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. All our crew and volunteer projects are pre-approved by the USFS.

2017 Trail Crew Priorities

2016 Trails Projects
  1. Implement the long-awaited Southern Valley Recreation Project in southern Teton Valley in partnership with the USFS.! This will include planning, layout and construction.
  2. Weed whack, drainage improvement, corridor clearing on favourite trails such as the Horseshoe Canyon, Red Creek/Spooky, Mill Creek, S. Fork of Horseshoe, Mail Cabin, Mike Sell, Pole Canyon and the Decoster Trail.
  3. Complete a re-route of the lower Mill Creek trail.
  4. Supervise our Maintenance Monday programs, honing our volunteers’ valuable trail building skills
  5. Maintain and expand the Victor Bike Park, Pioneer Park singletrack. We may also work on the Driggs dirt jumps.
  6. YOUR ideas! Please let us know what needs work: Contact Us.

A donation to support trail maintenance is an investment in your community. A great trail network improves quality of life and access to recreation. Trails attract visitors and help sustain your local economy. Trails create jobs and retail and hospitality opportunities. A great community deserves great trails!