Because trails don't build themselves

Mountain Bike the Tetons now has a 3-person trail crew for 2018! 

Building on our 2017 crew’s successes, we have just hired a private trail crew for 2018 to continue working to maintain and improve the multi-use trails most important to Teton region mountain bikers. The crew’s central focus will remain improving existing trails but will also involve brand-new trail construction in our ambitious Southern Valley Trails Project. Our crew operates under a cost-share agreement between Mountain Bike the Tetons and the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. All our crew and volunteer projects are pre-approved by the USFS. 

2018 Trail Crew Priorities:

  • Complete the Pole Canyon Connector in Southern Valley
  • Brush out and clean all drains on existing trails out of Mike Harris/Southern Valley
  • Complete Rush Hour Connector
  • Complete Grumpy’s and Nemo re-routes
  • Major construction headway on the new Southern Valley Rec. Project network
  • Clean, repair and install drainage in Horseshoe Canyon network
  • Complete geo-block installation, gravel and seep repair in Horseshoe
  • Southern Valley signage (consistent with Horseshoe signage model)
  • All new trails flagged in Southern Valley
  • Repair and clean drains, maintain vegetation, install remaining signage on the AJ Trail
  • Mahogany bog bridge construction
  • Victor Bike Park re-build and maintenance
  • 5th St. Park – continued construction and maintenance
  • Blair Drive Kids Bike Loop construction in Jackson
  • 12 Maintenance Mondays (Let’s Do This!!)
  • Build a good Teton model for drainage

2017 Efforts Included:

  • Over 1400 hours of work on your trails by our trail crew!
  • Starting the Southern Valley Recreation Project in southern Teton Valley in partnership with the USFS; this included planning, layout and construction.
  • Construction of the Pole Canyon Connector trail.
  • Weed whack, drainage improvement, corridor clearing on favorite trails such as the Horseshoe Canyon, Red Creek/Spooky, Mill Creek, S. Fork of Horseshoe, Mail Cabin, Mike Sell, Pole Canyon and the Decoster Trail.
  • Completed a re-route of the lower Mill Creek trail.
  • Supervised our Maintenance Monday programs, honing our volunteers’ valuable trail building skills and getting some awesome work done!
  • Maintained and expanded the Victor Bike Park, Pioneer Park singletrack. We also worked a bit on the Driggs dirt jumps.

A donation to support trail maintenance is an investment in your community. A great trail network improves quality of life and access to recreation. Trails attract visitors and help sustain your local economy. Trails create jobs and retail and hospitality opportunities. A great community deserves great trails!