Mail Cabin Reroute Project

The Mail Cabin to Mike Sell Canyon ride is true backcountry gem. The view from the ridge heading to Mike Sell Canyon gives riders unparalleled views of the Palisades and Snake River Range, a unique feeling of remoteness and offers one of the best descents in the Teton region.

In 2014, Mountain Bike the Tetons secured a grant from 1% for the Tetons to design and dig a massive reroute to replace the existing fall line trail up to Windy Ridge, knowing this hike-a-bike was keeping many riders from enjoying this otherwise phenomenal ride. This fall line trail was deeply eroded and therefore depositing sediment directly into Mail Cabin Creek.

To learn more about the project, please view this short film about the Mail Cabin Project, produced as part of the 2015 1% for the Tetons Video Blitz project, .

Current Project Status

The Mail Cabin Reroute design and construction began in fall, 2014 in partnership with the USFS Teton Basin Ranger District. Work continued throughout the summer of 2015. The upper 2/3 of the reroute was completed in August, 2015 using a combination of paid and volunteer work organized and funded by MBT. The final phase of the reroute design and construction will begin as soon as the snow melts in 2016 as finishing this reroute will be a MBT trail crew priority in 2016.

To support this reroute and the trail crew, please make a donation to our trail crew fund here: DONATE


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