Cache Creek | Game Creek

Sunday Beth and I drove over the pass to Jackson. On the way we say a whole lot of cars at the Phillip’s/Jimmy’s trailhead which we’ve come to expect on the weekends. At 10am, finding a parking space already looked like a challenge. It seems that the pass trails get more popular every summer. We kept driving and unloaded the bikes at the Cache Creek trailhead. Usually this area is just as busy if not more so on the weekends but for some reason this wasn’t the case today.

We pedaled up Cache Creek past the turn off to Game and out to the Gros Ventre Wilderness Boundary, the entire way there we saw only two people. I think I’ve only taken Cache to the end one other time and that was quite a few years ago. Usually I just take this to get to Game Creek which I suspect is the case for most bikers. It’s pretty obvious that the trails sees much less use past that point. From there on it narrows down from a Jeep road, to an ATV track, and finally to a narrow singletrack. This trail is great for beginners as a straight forward out and back that gradually increases in difficulty but can still be a good workout at 11.5 miles round trip with over 1,600′ of elevation gain.

After riding Cache I took the turnoff to Game Creek. I hadn’t ridden this trail for a couple seasons at least so I’m not sure when this happened but it’s been completely re-routed from the summit to just short of the junction w/West Game. It’s now much wider with lots of swooping turns. This makes a great ride even better. There’s still a long stretch of doubletrack at the bottom end of this trail but it’s fast and you can launch the cattle guard. But it would be awesome to see some singletrack cut in paralleling the road.

I took the paved bike path back to town and turned up KC to Linda’s so I could GPS the latter. I then rode Sink or Swim back towards the Cache trailhead.

The trails were all just a little dusty but still firm for the most part, we could definitely use a little more rain though. Also, there is a lot of smoke in the area from all the fires around us.

I updated the trail map pages for Cache Creek, Game Creek, and Linda’s and added photos of all top the gallery.