Hagen | Putt Putt

Mountain biking season has arrived!

Today Beth, our good friend Kevin, and myself rode a section of the Hagen Highway trail which was completely clear. We were considering checking out Sink Or Swim but weren’t sure how much of that was going to be open. Afterwards we rode Hagen from the Cache Creek trail head to the end. Actually we rode most of that, there were definitely a few snow patches through the middle and the end was pretty much completely covered but at this rate it should be clear soon. Then we crossed Cache Creek Road and headed over to Putt Putt. That trail is in perfect shape, just a bit tacky and only one place near the east end was wet. The weather was a chilly and overcast, when we started it was in the low 40’s, but by the end of the ride it had warmed up and the sun was thinking about coming out. The less than ideal weather probably worked in our favor though. We didn’t see another person for all of the Hagen part of the ride and only a handful of riders towards the end of Putt Putt. Overall we got in a great early season 9.5 mile ride.

Anyway, I mapped out both Hagen and Putt Putt and have updated their pages.

Tomorrow we’re heading over to the Big Holes to check out some of the lower trails there. Let you know about those afterwards.