2017 Tin Cup Grant Awarded

From Teton County News

“The numbers revealed that it was a banner year for donations.
One out of every four households in Teton Valley participated in giving, totaling 986 donors.
The median gift per household was $250, which is a 39 percent increase over last year.
During the giving period, $1,538,727 was raised, which is a 22 percent increase.”

The generosity of people like you enabled the Community foundation of Teton Valley to provide the participating nonprofits with a match of 55% this year. Mountain Bike the Tetons is extremely grateful to the 106 people who donated $21,220.80 during the 2017 Tin Cup Challenge. 100% of your tax deductible donation will enhance recreational & economic opportunities for the Teton region through development of our mountain biking resources while improving the quality of youth programs, trails, and community. The total grant award from CFTV for $32,892.24 can be viewed below. Thank you!

We celebrate the incredible commitment of our community to improving the quality of life in the Teton Valley through the power of generosity. This year’s total amount raised was $1,538,727 from 986 donors. In ten years, the Tin Cup Challenge has raised over $11 million benefitting the Teton Valleys non-profit community. Thank you for your efforts in its success and to all who made this possible!

Throughout the year, the Community Foundation supports local nonprofits in addressing critical needs in our community through our grants, workshops, and endowment/savings management. To learn more about how you can partner with the Community Foundation, visit www.cetetonvalley.org or call 208-354-0230.