2017 Trails Report

We accomplished quite a bit in 2017! Thanks to your generous contributions, our talented crew of Alec Johnson, Chris Brulé and Tyler Nelson spent over 50 days out in the field and over 1400 combined hours maintaining, building and improving our world-class trails; over 940 hours from July through October alone… and this doesn’t include the hundreds of hours of your volunteer time!

Thank You

  • We owe a huge thanks to the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Teton Basin Ranger District. Our local reps, District Ranger Jay Pence, Recreation Specialist Joe McFarlane and Trails Program Manager Scott Bossell have all been instrumental in our trail work in 2017 and we’re excited to work closely with them again in 2018!
  • Giant thanks to Alec, Chris and Tyler for their dedication to going all-in to make sure your experience on each and every ride is A+. 1400 hours is some serious sweat equity and these guys lived it each and every day.
  • Thanks to you volunteers who rallied out to the trails on Maintenance Mondays and all other volunteer days this past year. Volunteers are where the best ideas come from and ultimately volunteers push trail work projects across the finish line. Thank you!
  • Finally, thanks to all our supporters and sponsors – those who provided lunches, beers, swag, equipment, tools, training, their weekends, professional expertise and financial resources. Your generosity and enthusiasm keeps us motivated beyond the end of the riding season.

Trails 2018

We’re hard at work setting our 2018 trail work plan and schedule and have just completed the hiring of our 3-person, 2018 Trail Crew but we need your help for success! We’ve got a big list of priorities for this year, including breaking more ground and finishing projects like the Pole Canyon Connector in the highly anticipated Southern Valley Trails Project but all of this work depends on YOU. Take five minutes and head to our donations page to make your Trail Fund donation today!

How will my donation make an impact?

Your contribution, no matter how large or small, will go directly toward the following categories this year:

  • Three-person trail crew salary and travel over 20 + weeks in 2018
  • Purchase of new tools (pulaskis, rouge hoes, pick mattocks, etc.)
  • Maintenance of current inventory (trail tools, saws, radios, etc.)
  • Chainsaw maintenance (sharpening, service, etc.)
  • Trail machine rental/maintenance
  • Trail construction and maintenance supplies (signage, Geo Blocks, drainage, etc.)
  • GIS/Mapping work, engineering, trail crew training

Stay tuned for our 2018 trail work schedule which will highlight awesome volunteer opportunities, the return of Maintenance Mondays and some exciting special events!