Weekly Trail Crew Work Report: August 19th, 2019

August 19th Trail Report!

Thank You!!

  • GIANT thanks to our 2019 Local Business Trail Fund Supporters!
  • Thanks for the generous support of all the Individual Trail Fund Supporters who have helped get our trail crew off and running this 2019 season!
  • As always, the outstanding work that these guys are able to do is only possible through your support. Take 2 minutes now and TEXT MBT to 24365 or click HERE and please pledge a few bucks to keep them maintaining and building your Teton Region trails throughout the summer season. Donate and get yourself in a sweet new MBT t-shirt and hat too!

Trail Crew Work Report: August 11 – 17, 2019

It was a busy week for the MBT Trail Crew, thanks to the favorable weather. There’s still plenty left to accomplish this year before the snow flies this fall/winter and we’re looking forward to it! We want to encourage and remind YOU to reach out and let us know any work you have done on our local trails (clearing brush, cutting out downed trees, tread work, wildlife conflicts, updated conditions, etc.). The more information we can pass along to the community, the better. Just email us at: info@mountainbiketetons.org anytime and we’ll include them in these weekly updates.

  • On Tuesday, Chris built a long-term rock crib/ramp (rock and sand fill) on either end of the bridge on the Southfork of Horseshoe trail. He also added drains to each end to allow for significant water diversion in order to avoid erosion around each of the bridge footings (which was beginning to occur).
  • Wednesday, Chris and local trail ambassador Nate Kirschner sawed out a 24” DBH tree down on the Mail Cabin trail along with two smaller trees (one in Mikesell and the other on Nemo) with the chainsaws.
  • On Thursday, Chris headed out to complete some finish work on our new Red/Corral re-routes along with some late-season brush back on Red Creek. If you haven’t ridden the Red/Corral Loop in the Big Holes, you’re missing an amazing ride. Think sections of Doctor Park in Crested Butte…
  • On Thursday, Chris also took time to travel up Pole Canyon to evaluate two of the creek crossing sections in hopes of planning long-term solutions for 2020 and beyond. He did the same for a section on Ladyslipper.
  • Friday, we spent all day on finish work on the Corral Creek re—route (technical hand work and some heavy lifting) and continuing heavy brush-back in the Red Creek drainage.
  • Finally, on Saturday, Chris and Alec spent the day helping to coordinate a solid group of TVTAP volunteers on the annual AJ Trail Day down in Mike Harris/Southern Valley.
  • ALL Teton Valley, Jackson Hole, Teton Pass, Caribou Range and surrounding area trails (including Grand Targhee Bike Park, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Bike Park and Kelly Canyon Bike Park) are OPEN.
  • A quick reminder after a heavy maintenance week: We all love new trails but it is important to remember that building a new trail is only the tip of the iceberg. Even the simplest trails require significant administrative planning efforts, agency coordination and regular maintenance to keep them fun, safe and in a sustainable condition. Before a tool even touches the dirt, each new trail that the MBT crew constructs has been meticulously planned out from initial conception to a maintenance contingency plan stretching a decade and beyond. We even run existing trails through this same planning process. We understand that this requires you to be patient, especially as our volume of trails in the region grows, and we’re grateful for that patience and buy-in to this trails ethos. Thanks and have a great week!

AJ Trail Day

Mail Cabin tree.






Corral/Red Creek

Don’t hesitate to fill out a Trail Maintenance Request Form on our website and check out our calendar for a Maintenance Monday schedule for opportunities to get out and help!

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How will my donation make an impact?

Your contribution, no matter the amount, will go DIRECTLY toward the following categories this year:

  • Three-person trail crew salary and travel over 20 + weeks in 2019
  • Purchase of new tools (pulaskis, rouge hoes, pick mattocks, etc.)
  • Maintenance of current inventory (trail tools, saws, radios, etc.)
  • Chainsaw maintenance (sharpening, service, etc.)
  • Trail machine rental/maintenance
  • Trail construction and maintenance supplies (signage, Geo Blocks, drainage, etc.)
  • GIS/Mapping work, engineering, trail crew training