Weekly Trail Crew Work Report: August 13, 2018

Mill Creek Clearing, Horseshoe Surveying, AJ Trail Weed Control and a New Grant Award!

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Trail Crew Work Report: August 5 – 11, 2018

The MBT crew continued their work this week on a few northern Valley trails. They worked alongside the USFS to locate some sensitive bird-of-prey nesting sites in the Southern Valley area in order to plan for additional trail re-routes and construction there as well as with Teton County in developing an invasive weed management plan for the AJ Trail in Victor. Chris and Ron identified a few priority areas for re-routes and drainage mitigation in Horseshoe Canyon. A lot going on in this second half of summer!

  • This past Monday, Mountain Bike the Tetons was awarded a significant grant on behalf of the National Forest Foundation for our work in Southern Valley. The grant is focused on work we have been doing alongside the USFS and Teton Valley Trails and Pathways on significant re-routes, existing social route closures and to develop a guide report or “toolkit” for other organizations who hope to accomplish similar projects. From the beginning of this project to now, we’ve learned many lessons that we’re excited to share with other communities in the west. We’re so grateful for this opportunity and will keep you posted on the progress over the next two years.
  • Also on Monday, Chris and Ron continued a bit of finish tread work on the Grumpy Trail and also worked alongside Joe McFarlane of the Teton Basin Ranger District to locate a particular sensitive nesting site in Southern Valley. Location of this site is critically important when looking at the future of trail development in this area. Although we have been granted the privilege of constructing and reconstructing trails in Southern Valley, there are a number of wildlife concerns of which we must consider and manage for when looking at the big picture.
  • Wednesday, the crew removed four downed trees and two large root balls along the Mill Creek Trail. Afterward, Chris and Ron traveled to Horseshoe Canyon to walk the Channel Lock Trail. They surveyed for re-route options and examined mitigation options for the lower seep section (via a turnpike, culvert, etc.). We’ll keep you posted on this project as it moves forward!
  • Thursday morning, Amanda Williams (Weed Superintendent and Natural Resource Specialist for Teton County, Idaho) met with the crew at the bottom of the AJ Trail in Victor. Beyond weed removal, they, alongside adjacent landowners Dave Bender and Larry Thal, discussed invasive/noxious weed management for the future on this trail. In the coming weeks, we’ll be developing an official plan for managing the trail as native species continue to thrive there. A few days prior, Nate Carey ran a brush mower at the trailhead to prep for a brand new sign and the 2018 AJ Trail Day. Thanks so much Nate! We love this trail and what it represents. In the coming years, as the BLM Travel Management Plan moves forward, this trail will provide important access to new in-system trails on BLM parcels east of the Valley.
  • Nemo re-route planning was on the list for Friday. In order to accommodate for the new C-Trail in Southern Valley, a portion of the Nemo Trail will need to be re-routed. Chris and Ron shot grades and installed a rough pin flag line on this section. The crew also reached out to allies at the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) for insight on some trail design challenges here. Our crew might be able to take advantage of some cutting-edge training opportunities for trail construction and we’ll learn more on this in the next month or so. We’re excited to gather more tools to help inform our efforts in building and maintaining our Teton Region trails.
  • On Saturday, Chris spent a few hours honing the tread on the final Grumpy Trail re-route. You’ll see the fruits of this labor out near the Nemo/Grumpy intersection. Amazing work that not only will help shed water off the trail but enhance the climb and descent experiences through some beautiful terrain.

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