Weekly Trail Crew Work Report: August 20, 2018

North Valley, South Valley, Bike Parks and the Annual AJ Trail Day!

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Trail Crew Work Report: August 13 – 18, 2018

Well folks, we finished a new reroute this week as part of our National Forest Foundation grant work down in Southern Valley! We also cut out a number of downed trees and gave the Victor and Driggs bike parks a tune-up. This, plus a successful volunteer trail day on Ladyslipper this past Saturday in celebration of the life and legacy of AJ Linnell, hosted by Teton Valley Trails and Pathways.

  • This past Monday, the crew welcomed back Alec Johnson after a month-long hiatus. They dug in on remaining finish work on a re-routed section of the Grumpy Trail and shifted attention over to a significant re-route on a section of the Nemo Trail. This included shooting grades, walking, taking GPS coordinates and setting a pin flag line on this new section, just below the switchbacks. This re-route is necessary in order to circumvent a significant wildlife area of concern and to accommodate a new Nordic Ski trail corridor that will go in later this fall.
  • Tuesday morning, Ron made his way up to the Aspen Trail to respond to a maintenance request and cut out a large tree that had fallen across the trail. Afterward, the crew met up to finish a 380′ section of the Grumpy Trail re-route in Southern Valley. They rehabilitated the old section of trail and officially opened the new re-route. Go ride it, it’s a gem!

  • Wednesday evening, our Youth Program Director Cy Whitling gathered Sprockids participants, coaches and parents for an educational work session at the Driggs 5th St. Bike Park. These 6-11-year-old riders learned how the basics of trail care and maintenance, how to use all the different trail tools and the importance of trail stewardship. They were able to tune up a few sections of the awesome singletrack there (originally built by local legend Jim Sadauckas) and celebrate with a cookout in the parking lot afterward. Thanks so much to Cy and the all the Sprockids helpers! The next generation of trail stewards are alive and well!
  • On Thursday, the crew made their way over to the Victor Bike Park. Alec, Chris and Ron reshaped a few jumps, corners on the pumptracks and tread along the way. They also managed to remove invasive weeds and weed-wack the entire park. It looks and rides a whole lot better now.
  • Thursday, Tony Ferlisi collected a trail counter that was placed at the entrance/exit of the park and began analyzing the data. There are a lot of numbers to go through but we hope to have a better idea of the spectrum of use there in order to plan ahead for management of the park moving forward. Stay tuned for a report!
  • Friday morning, Ron Murray headed up the Mikesell Trail in search of a downed tree that was reported almost exactly in the middle of the Mail Cabin/Mikesell loop. He was able to locate and remove the tree and now, the route’s all clear again. Thanks Ron!
  • Rounding out the week, Ron and Alec provided necessary tools and support for the annual AJ Trail Day hosted by TVTAP this past Saturday. Volunteers were able to complete a small re-route connecting the Ladyslipper Trail across the Sherman Springs Rd. A beautiful sign was installed at the base of the AJ Trail in honor of AJ and his efforts surrounding mountain bike trails and trail stewardship here in his home of Teton Valley.

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