Weekly Trail Crew Work Report: July 16, 2018

Introducing the "Ladyslippper" trail in Southern Valley, plus a solid day of maintenance in the Big Holes.

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Trail Crew Work Report: July 9 – July 15, 2018

The second week in July meant continued tread work on the new trail network in Southern Valley plus some much-needed maintenance work on the Drake and Corral Creek areas in the Big Holes. With one new trail segment riding super well and another corridor all punched through, we’re almost done with the new Ladyslipper Trail (connecting Nemo to Sherman Springs Road and ultimately to Pole Canyon – formerly named Pole Canyon Connector and Teton Springs Connector)!

  • On Monday, the crew finished their corridor clearing work (chainsaw, loppers, etc.) along their pin flag line on the Teton Springs Connector Trail in final preparation for trail dozer work.
  • They were able to team up with the USFS Trail Crew in the afternoon to put in finish tread work behind while the trail dozer pushed new bench in ahead. Four new turns all polished off today!
  • The terrain in this zone is extremely challenging to operate heavy machinery in, thus quite a bit of pin flag re-alignment and handwork is required to construct a trail with the rider in mind. Work in this new zone has been tedious but the constant tweaking and attention to detail will come out in full once the trail is completed. Big thanks to a patient Scott Bossell for helping make this trail a reality in a really challenging setting.
  • Heavy handwork here means a lot of material dispersal (moving dirt, rock, organic material out of the way). As the dozer works downhill, it pushes, leaving a wake of material on both the uphill and downhill sides of the trail. It also leaves divots where the tracks of the machine are working. It’s up to the trail crew to move all of this material into particular spots on the trail or off of the trail completely in order to finish the tread that you’ll ultimately be riding. Pulaskis, Rogue Hoes, shovels and rakes – plus strong hands, shoulders and a forgiving back – make the dream come alive.
  • On Wednesday, the crew broke through to the Sherman Springs Road. The entire corridor from Nemo to Pole Canyon is now totally clear. They spent the majority of this day working to complete tread work on the new trail (approx 500′ linear feet) behind the dozer.
  • On Thursday, Chris Brule and Tony Ferlisi from MBT met with Nick Beatty of TVTAP and Joe McFarlane and Scott Bossell of the USFS to discuss plans for the “C Trail” and Campground Loop Trail in Southern Valley. As these trails will be completed as loops, there is much to consider when choosing terrain within the loop corridor as well as grades, turns, parking lot access as these trails will be heavily used by Nordic skiers and fat bikers in winter, adaptive athletes in summer, horses, runners, hikers and mountain bikers. We poured over a number of maps and set some plans for moving forward on construction of these new beauties! Likely to come later this year and early 2019. Stay tuned!
  • We’ve received numerous phone calls and emails in response to the work on the Pole Canyon Connector – all positive, some inquisitive. Here are our thoughts moving forward:
    • We’re thrilled with all the positive feedback so far on the new trails in Southern Valley! We also understand that there might be some questions as to why the USFS, MBT and TVTAP are building these trails a certain way – with a wider corridor and graded more gently and we get it! This trail system will be a multi-year work in progress but there are specific goals in mind for sure.
    • To answer, there are three parts. First, the wider, machine-built corridors will grow in over time, and the narrower summer trail characteristics of Nemo and Grumpy will slowly come back into being on the new trails.
    • Second, the USFS, MBT and TVTAP are working with both winter grooming for fat biking and Nordic skiing in mind and access for adaptive sports athletes. There are particular qualities of a trail necessary in order to accommodate these uses.
    • Finally, when the Environmental Assesment for this project was completed, the purpose and need for the Southern Valley Recreation Project focused on developing a system of trails that would accommodate beginner and intermediate riders; something that our region was in need of and that the public vastly advocated for during the public comment periods. Think the Phil’s Trails Complex in Bend or the BRAND Trails network in Moab… Feel free to browse the EA here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/…/sites/mountainbiketetons.org/files/nepa/104183_FSPLT3_3925487.pdf

      Make sense? If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re happy to chat! Thanks for your continued support.

  • On Thursday, the crew headed up to the Drake and Corral Creek trails for some much-needed maintenance work. They were able to cut out the large tree on the Corral Creek Spur Trail as well as repair the tread in that location. The crew spent the second half of the day completing some heavy vegetation brush out on the Drake Creek Trail as things tend to get a bit thick this time of year, blocking sight lines along the trail.
  • On Saturday, Alec Johnson participated in TVTAP’s Volunteer Trail Day in the Decoster Trail region. He reported a solid volunteer effort (clearing blowdown and opening corridor) along a 6-mile section from Dry Ridge to Rammell Road. Super excited to work with our partners on a really great project!

Don’t hesitate to fill out a Trail Maintenance Request Form on our website and check out our calendar for a Maintenance Monday schedule for opportunities to get out and help!

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