Weekly Trail Crew Work Report: June 11, 2018

A brand new Southern Valley re-route is ready to ride! Mail Cabin is logged out to the snowline and the AJ Linnell Memorial Trail is weeded! Plus, we have another big Maintenance Monday re-route mission on the Grumpy Trail this week and a fancy new Southern Valley TH kiosk.

Thank You!

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2018 Business Trail Fund Supporters and Partners

Trail Crew Work Report: June 4 – June 10, 2018

This past week, the crew focused on a significant Grumpy Trail re-route in Southern Valley, clearing blow down on the Mail Cabin Trail and some removal of invasive weeds on the AJ Trail in Victor. We’ll be welcoming a 40″ trail dozer this week on loan to the USFS for 14 days and will be working hard to maximize this asset in Southern Valley. Plans are to complete the Pole Canyon Connector, rough in the new Teton Springs Connector and break ground on a few other priorities as well. Stay tuned!

  • This past Monday, the crew prepped for a big Maintenance Monday on the Grumpy Trail. Ron and Alec built two more technical corners on the re-route and pin flagged for the evening’s volunteers.
  • We hosted a fantastic Maintenance Monday volunteer crew who built over 500′ of new trail, left of the Grumpy’s/Nemo junction, eliminating an unsustainable fall-line section of trail and replacing it with three textbook switchbacks. We plan to complete an additional re-route on Grumpy at the Nemo/Grumpy junction on June 11th.
  • On Tuesday, Ron Murray traveled back out to Southern Valley to finish connecting the new Grumpy re-route to the existing trail and tune up the amazing new volunteer-built section, overall closing ~200′ of the unsustainable trail and creating a new 550′ section that’s all ready to ride.
  • Wednesday, the crew finished shooting grades on the new Teton Springs Connector Trail (which will connect Sherman Springs Rd. to Grumpy in Southern Valley). They also completed preliminary trail corridor clearing and alignment for this new trail in preparation for machine work beginning this week alongside Scott Bossell of the Teton Basin Ranger District and Nick Beatty of TVTAP.
  • The crew headed back out to the Grumpy Trail on Thursday to complete the old trail rehab and to align and pin flag the next re-route section up at the Nemo/Grumpy junction for this week’s Maintenance Monday. The new re-routed section of Grumpy will measure approximately 400′ and include a social gathering area at the Nemo/Grumpy junction.
  • Friday was Mail Cabin day! Chris and Ron took made their way up the Mail Cabin trail with our bike rigged for safely carrying a chainsaw (thanks Fitzgerald’s Bicycles!) and cut out 6 large blown down trees across the trail. They made it about halfway up to the ridge top before encountering significant snow. As the snow continues to come off, we’ll be back at it until the entire track is clear of blowdown and drains are clean and clear.
  • Also on Friday, Alec Johnson headed up the AJ Trail and removed 15 trash bags full of thistle and hound’s tongue (invasive weed species) from the trail corridor. We’re planning to work with Teton County to manage weeds along this trail in the future but a HUGE thanks to Alec for taking some serious time handling some not-so-glamourous weed removal.
  • Saturday, Chris Brule joined the TVTAP/USFS trail day on the Sheep Bridge Trail. The group demolished the old bog bridge in preparation for new bridge construction by the Montana Conservation Corps and USFS Teton Basin Ranger District. They also pin flagged and completed short re-route in a successful volunteer trail day.
  • Finally, reports from our amazing Trail Ambassador Bob Benedict: the Spooky, Corral and Red Creek Trails are clear of trees and ready to ride. Thanks a million, Bob! The Valley is so fortunate to benefit from your stewardship and serious dedication to our trails!

Southern Valley Trails Project

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