Weekly Trail Crew Work Report: June 17, 2019

June 17th Trail Report!

Thank You!!

  • GIANT thanks to our 2019 Local Business Trail Fund Supporters!
  • Thanks for the generous support of all the Individual Trail Fund Supporters who have helped get our trail crew off and running this 2019 season!
  • As always, the outstanding work that these guys are able to do is only possible through your support. Take 2 minutes now and TEXT MBT to 24365 or click HERE and please pledge a few bucks to keep them maintaining and building your Teton Region trails throughout the summer season. Donate and get yourself in a sweet new MBT t-shirt and hat too!

Trail Crew Work Report: June 9 – 15, 2019

Every day, it seems like we’re winning more trails back from winter’s grip. The crew and a number of local volunteers are working overtime to keep up with a hefty number of downed trees and drainage repair moving forward. We kicked off the week with an outstanding volunteer trail day and moved through each day checking more boxes on the way to clear Teton trails for the 2019 season. We want to encourage and remind YOU to reach out and let us know any work you have done on our local trails (clearing brush, cutting out downed trees, tread work, wildlife conflicts, updated conditions, etc.). The more information we can pass along to the community, the better. Just email us at: info@mountainbiketetons.org anytime and we’ll include them in these weekly updates.

  • On Monday, Chris and Alec spent the day prepping for a volunteer work day on Ladyslipper in Southern Valley. That evening, over 40 volunteers turned out to construct a small re-route and three sustainable berms along a beautiful section of trail. A super successful day celebrated by the work and excitement of a great group of local folks.
  • Tuesday, the crew ventured back out to Ladyslipper to complete finish work on the great new berms and re-route on this popular valley trail. It’s all good to go for the summer!
  • On Wednesday, Chris worked alongside the USFS back out at Horseshoe Canyon punching new drains on the Bovine Trail in order to improve some problem areas. Kevin and Chris worked with the trail dozer to rehab old, ineffective drains and to reconstruct a handful of old corners. This is a work in progress, so please be aware that the trail may have changed slightly in some areas.
  • Local Trail Ambassador Mitch Prissell ran his chainsaw ALL DAY on Wednesday and Thursday, clearing new aspen downfall from a recent storm on Mill Creek and the Cold Springs Trails. Thanks so much for your amazing stewardship Mitch! Everyone was riding Mill Creek less than 72 hours after a major storm thanks to Mitch.
  • Further up the trail, Grand Targhee’s own Andy Williams was working hard to get Targhee trails Colter’s Escape and Rocky Mountain Way all clear and by this past Saturday, it was complete… and they’re riding well! Thanks Andy!
  • Another local ambassador and member of the MBT Trails Committee, Bob Benedict, finished clearing trees on Spooky, Corral and Red Creek trails. Thanks so much Bob for your work over in the Big Holes!
  • Moving forward, MBT will be installing a public bike repair station at the Southern Valley/Mike Harris Trailhead (adjacent to the kiosk) in the coming weeks. We received an anonymous donation for this project and we’re really excited to provide this awesome asset to our local mountain biking community! Tighten those stem bolts and pump up those tires!
  • OPEN trails as of June 17, 2019: All Southern Valley Trails (except for upper Mikesell), all Horseshoe Canyon trails, Driggs 5th Park, Victor Bike Park, Aspen, AJ Trail, 7N Ranch, Decoster, Mahogany, Palisade Lakes, Mill Creek to Targhee, Cold Springs, misc. Caribou trails, Grove, Drake, Corral, Spooky, Rocky Peak, Southfork Horseshoe, Jackson town trails (Putt Putt, Sink or Swim, Hagen Highway, Lower Game, Josie’s Ridge, Wilson Canyon), Lower Black Canyon, Parallel, Phillips and Phillips Connector, Arrow, Game Creek, Munger Mountain. NOT QUITE: Pole Canyon at the ridgetop, Mail Cabin, upper Mike Spencer trails, upper Mosquito Creek, upper Game Creek, upper Teton Pass DH Trails and upper Targhee Trails are at least 7-10 days out.
  • Join MBT and TVTAP for a Volunteer Trail Day on Saturday, June 22nd on the Aspen Trail at upper TH. We’ve got a long-needed project on tap to improve a seep/water crossing and can use all hands. We will have as always, delicious post-work food provided by one of our sponsors and by Kate’s Real Food and beverages provided by Grand Teton Brewing! Plus, we’ve got some great prizes to give away to participants. All ages welcome!! Details on the MBT webpage.

Don’t hesitate to fill out a Trail Maintenance Request Form on our website and check out our calendar for a Maintenance Monday schedule for opportunities to get out and help!

Remember, all of this work depends on YOU. Please take two minutes and head to our DONATIONS PAGE to make your Trail Fund donation in support of these guys today!

How will my donation make an impact?

Your contribution, no matter the amount, will go DIRECTLY toward the following categories this year:

  • Three-person trail crew salary and travel over 20 + weeks in 2019
  • Purchase of new tools (pulaskis, rouge hoes, pick mattocks, etc.)
  • Maintenance of current inventory (trail tools, saws, radios, etc.)
  • Chainsaw maintenance (sharpening, service, etc.)
  • Trail machine rental/maintenance
  • Trail construction and maintenance supplies (signage, Geo Blocks, drainage, etc.)
  • GIS/Mapping work, engineering, trail crew training