Weekly Trail Crew Work Report: June 4, 2018

New Southern Valley Trails are taking shape and the crew continues to tune up other Valley trails as they melt out this early June! Plus, we have a big Maintenance Monday re-route mission on the Grumpy Trail this week and next!

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Trail Crew Work Report: May 28 – June 3, 2018

This past week, the crew focused on the Grove Creek Trail, the South Fork of Horseshoe and more Southern Valley new trail prep work. We’ve got a full slate of work this week coming up too so stay tuned!

  • On Monday (Memorial Day), the crew spent the full day clearing new trail corridor to finish the Pole Canyon Connector in Southern Valley. This involved heavy brush-out and chainsaw work in order to clear a track for machinery to come in the week of June 14th. Reports are that this corridor is now all clear and ready for the machine to finish it up! The boys spent some time sharpening and tuning our chainsaws which have already seen a ton of runtime this spring.
  • Tuesday, the crew hiked up the Grove Creek Trail in the eastern Big Holes. While Chris and Alec hiked clear to the Big Hole Crest and over to the top of Drake Creek chainsawing out blowdown, Ron dug 9 new drains and cleaned existing drains on lower Grove in order to help the trail shed water efficiently this spring/summer.
  • That afternoon, the crew then drove over to the Mikesell Trailhead and cleared downed timber blocking the trail in the lower portion.
  • Wednesday, the crew met with Scott Bossell of the Teton Basin Ranger District and were joined by Nick Beatty of TVTAP to complete a rough alignment for the new Campground Loop in Southern Valley. This trail will also serve as a Nordic ski track. The crew used our trusty inclinometer to measure grades and set pin flags for the ideal route for this new track.
  • On Thursday, Chris and Ron headed up to the new Teton Springs Connector site in Southern Valley to shoot grades and set alignment for this super exciting new trail through older growth conifers and a gorgeous aspen stand. They placed pin flags and began to brush out a corridor for the trail dozer to work with saws and hand tools.
  • At the end of the day, they cut out a user-reported downed tree on the Nemo Trail. Thanks guys!
  • On Friday, Ron and Alec headed back to Southern Valley to do some prep work for our upcoming Maintenance Monday on June 4th on the Grumpy Trail. They aligned the re-route, used chainsaws to clear new trail corridor, set pin flags and utilized USFS equipment to haul MBT tools up the BPA road to the worksite. This reroute is a necessary one for trail sustainability and depending on our volunteer group size, might involve two Maintenance Monday’s worth of work.
  • Finally, on Sunday, Alec took a solo mission up the South Fork of Horseshoe to log out blowdown. He cut out three downed trees with his handsaw (one of which took him quite a while), saving the extra trip back up with chainsaws and the crew. Reports are that there are just a few muddy patches and virtually no snow left on the trail. Go check it out!

Southern Valley Trails Project

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