Weekly Trail Crew Work Report: May 21, 2018

Our trail crew is on the ground! Chris Brule, Ron Murray and Alec Johnson came on board this May 14th and have been hard at work every moment since. Check out a quick overview of what they've accomplished this first week of their season. Let's help keep these guys out there working on YOUR Teton Region Trails today. Take five minutes and head to our donations page to make your Trail Fund donation!

Thank You!

  • We owe a huge thanks to the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Teton Basin Ranger District. Our local reps, District Ranger Jay Pence, Recreation Specialist Joe McFarlane and Trails Program Manager Scott Bossell have all been instrumental in planning for our trail work in 2018!
  • Giant thanks to our 2018 Local Business Trail Fund Supporters!
  • Thanks for the generous support of all the individual donors who have helped get these guys off and running this season!

2018 Business Trail Fund Supporters and Partners

Trail Crew Work Report: May 14 – 20, 2018

This past week was a busy one for the crew getting organized and up to speed for the season.

  • Monday, May 14th was our first Maintenance Monday of the season! We had 8 volunteers help clean all the 30+ drains and repair trail bed surface on all 2.6 miles of the Channel Lock and Bovine trails out at Horseshoe Canyon. Those two trails are now good to go for the season and ready for more runoff!
  • All three members of the crew refreshed their S-212 chainsaw certifications with the USFS on Tuesday and helped clear blowdown at the Pine Creek Campground with Scott Bosell and Joe McFarlane of the Teton Basin Ranger District.
  • Wednesday had the crew out at Southern Valley, clearing blowdown and cleaning drainage on the Nemo and Grumpy’s trails (hopefully you got to ride that perfect loam this weekend!).
  • On Wednesday, the crew also scouted for ground-breaking and set initial priorities for this summer with the TBRD on the brand new Southern Valley Rec. Project trail network. Stay tuned for what we have in store out there. It’s gonna be even better than you’d imagined!
  • On Thursday, Chris and Alec headed up to Mill Creek to clean drains and clear up blow-down from the winter. They also scouted for a few re-route sections there.
  • Chris also met with a few community members on summer planning for the 5th St. Bike Park in Driggs. The crew will be helping a local Eagle Scout with his project there as well as on expanded singletrack routes in the park. More to come!
  • Friday was Mahogany day. The crew managed to saw out 4 downed trees on the trail and do some much-needed brushback work to get this trail rideable. Awesome work fellas!
  • Chris and Alec walked the Aspen Trail on Saturday to clean drains and repair some damaged trail bed surfaces. They were able to do a significant amount of brushback work out there as well.
  • Ron continues to work hard in his design of a kids bike park on Blair Drive in Jackson. Our crew will be working directly with the town of Jackson and is responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of this awesome new feature. Our crew’s expert reputation stretches pretty far beyond the Teton Valley it seems. We were approached over a year ago to partner with the Town of Jackson on the project and we look forward to making this project happen!

Don’t hesitate to fill out a Trail Maintenance Request Form on our website and check out our calendar for a Maintenance Monday schedule for opportunities to get out and help!

Remember, all of this work depends on YOU. Take five minutes and head to our donations page to make your Trail Fund donation in support of these guys today!

How will my donation make an impact?

Your contribution, no matter how large or small, will go directly toward the following categories this year:

  • Three-person trail crew salary and travel over 20 + weeks in 2018
  • Purchase of new tools (pulaskis, rouge hoes, pick mattocks, etc.)
  • Maintenance of current inventory (trail tools, saws, radios, etc.)
  • Chainsaw maintenance (sharpening, service, etc.)
  • Trail machine rental/maintenance
  • Trail construction and maintenance supplies (signage, Geo Blocks, drainage, etc.)
  • GIS/Mapping work, engineering, trail crew training