Weekly Trail Crew Work Report: October 8, 2018

Last report of the season...

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Trail Crew Work Report: October 1 – 7, 2018

This past week was our final full week of trail work this season. In the coming week, we’ll be mopping up on some maintenance around the valley, inventorying tools and supplies and planning extensively for 2019. It was a major goal of ours to complete work on the Nemo re-route before the snow falls and we were able to get this done this past week! With the help of our outstanding partners at Valley Lumber in Victor and the US Forest Service, we made it happen. Here are some details of how we finished things up in Southern Valley and a brief look at our work goals for 2019.

  • On Monday, the crew was able to push through the remaining 600′ of new trail corridor with the mini-ex. The crew works here typically like this: one crew member is behind the controls of the machine. It’s almost a dance. Earth is moved in order to support the machine while still maintaining a corridor width that minimizes impact to the terrain. As earth is moved, a second crew member on the ground uses hand tools to pull material on the toe edge of the trail and inside the bench cut back into the trail corridor. In this way, the crew member can shape the trail in order to accommodate drainage, fill holes, move rocks, etc. It also allows for re-vegetation on the sides of the trail. If you get a chance to ride this new re-route, you’ll see that the trail is pretty wide. This is not the finished product. Over time, the trail corridor will re-vegetate, effectively narrowing the actual tread width. This trail will be more wide to accommodate winter grooming and adaptive cycling equipment but it will be narrower than it’s current width might show.
  • Tuesday, the crew worked with hand tools in the opposite direction that the mini-ex pushed to cap off the finish work on the re-route. Huge thanks to Valley Lumber for taking such good care of us with the machine rental!
  • On Wednesday, the crew got within 400′ feet of the end of the trail with their finish work. Just a day of work more to go pulling back in the toe and fill slope along the trail. Today, MBT executive director Tony Ferlisi met with Cherene Vanian and Nate Carey of Teton Adaptive Sports for a tour of Southern Valley in hopes of developing Southern Valley as an adaptive sports resource. Stay tuned for more from the folks at Teton Adaptive on programs and outings out here!
  • Thursday, the crew finished tying in both ends of the re-route to the existing trail. Go ride it! We will not decomission the old Nemo section that this replaces until next year when it is merited. After a winter of snow, we’ll fine tune the re-route this coming spring and will keep you updated on how things continue to progress there.
  • You can check out an updated map of Southern Valley here. Solid lines indicate completed trails. Dotted lines indicate trails not yet complete. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to work with our partners Dan Verbeten and Nick Beatty at Teton Valley Trails and Pathways and Joe McFarlane and Scott BossellĀ at the Teton Basin Ranger District of the Caribou Targhee National Forest. Updated map courtesy of Nick at TVTAP.

  • In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking ahead to 2019. What does that look like? Lots of work in the Horseshoe Canyon System in the northern end of the Valley, work on the upper section of Pole Canyon, work in the Red and Corral Creek trail corridors, and work in the lower section of Grove Creek. This, all in addition to regularly trail maintenance (logging out, drainage, tread repair, etc.). We’ll be working to bring a level of progression to trails here in the region in hopes of bringing riding experiences and expectations to riders of ALL ability levels and styles.
  • We’ll have one more update for you next week before transitioning into winter mode. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any feedback, concerns, questions, ideas or dreams! We want to know. Thanks again!


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