Weekly Trail Crew Work Report: September 10, 2018

An Awesome Kids' Bike Park Project in Jackson is Complete!

Thank You!

  • GIANT thanks to our 2018 Local Business Trail Fund Supporters!
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  • As always, the outstanding work that these guys are able to do is only possible through your support. Take 2 minutes HERE and please pledge a few bucks to keep them maintaining and building your Teton Region trails throughout the summer season.

2018 Business Trail Fund Supporters and Partners

Trail Crew Work Report: September 1 – 10, 2018

The MBT Trail Crew has spent the past two weeks working nearly non-stop on a project a year in the making… and it’s done! This past winter 2017/2018, planning was launched on a kids pump track and singletrack sidewalk in the Blair Drive neighborhood in Jackson. Our MBT Trail Crew was charged with designing and building the park and as of this past Friday, September 9th, we’ve wrapped things up! Working alongside Brian Schilling (Teton County Pathways), Chris Owen (Jackson Hole Friends of Pathways) and the Town of Jackson, our crew (led on this project by Ron Murray) made the drive over the pass every day to clear, dig, sculpt and polish this outstanding park. Stay tuned for details on an official Ribbon Cutting to be held on September 26th at the park location.

We want to extend a huge thanks to Gabe Klamer and the employees at Ridgeline Excavation for their generous donations of material and transportation in this project, the folks at Valley Lumber in Victor and SB Equipment Rental in Jackson for great service in our equipment rental needs and for the outstanding financial support of those of you who donated to this project!

Head on over to the park to check out this super cool spot with your family today! HERE is a Google Maps LINK.

We’re back on the trail this week starting with our first FALL MAINTENANCE MONDAY at Mikesell Canyon on Monday, Sept. 10th at 5:00pm.

Don’t hesitate to fill out a Trail Maintenance Request Form on our website and check out our calendar for a Maintenance Monday schedule for opportunities to get out and help!

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How will my donation make an impact?

Your contribution, no matter how large or small, will go directly toward the following categories this year:

  • Three-person trail crew salary and travel over 20 + weeks in 2018
  • Purchase of new tools (pulaskis, rouge hoes, pick mattocks, etc.)
  • Maintenance of current inventory (trail tools, saws, radios, etc.)
  • Chainsaw maintenance (sharpening, service, etc.)
  • Trail machine rental/maintenance
  • Trail construction and maintenance supplies (signage, Geo Blocks, drainage, etc.)
  • GIS/Mapping work, engineering, trail crew training