2019 Spring Grant Applications for Future MBT Projects are Signed, Sealed and Delivered…

Driggs, Idaho: This early 2019 has been a busy one for summer trails work, even though we’re in the heart of winter here in the Tetons. But the trail crew isn’t digging in the dirt… we’re busy writing and submitting grants that will help fund critical trail projects over the next two years. So what’s in store? Some really amazing things with some outstanding partners. 

Idaho Parks and Recreation: Mountain Bike Plate Fund

On Friday, January 18th, we submitted an application to the IDPR Committee for assistance in funding a trail re-route project at the Horseshoe Canyon Non-Motorized Trail System.  This particular project is a re-route of the Channel Lock Trail which aims to accomplish two main goals:

1.) to relocate and rehab sections of the trail that are directly impacted by continuous drainage/erosion issues, spring run-off and increasing “trenching” and

2.) to bring the grade of the lower section of the trail down to average under 10% in order to allow greater ease of entry into the heart of the Horseshoe System. Overall in Horseshoe, we plan to work hard to ensure that the original character of these foundational Valley trails and the vision of those who originally constructed them is retained while ensuring their sustainability long into the future.

In response to the Fall 2018 Horseshoe Canyon Trails Survey and extensive discussions with community members and the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, we have decided to make work on this trail system a priority in 2019. But, we want to hear from you through the process.

Email us at info@mountainbiketetons.org with comments, questions or concerns. We’re happy to discuss this project in detail with you and address any issues you see moving forward. We should be notified of the results of this grant application in the coming months and will be sure to let you know!

 Idaho Parks and Recreation Department: RTP Fund Grant

On Friday, January 18th, we submitted an application to the IDPR Committee for Recreational Trails Program Funding to provide financial assistance in purchase and installation of a 60′, non-motorized bridge span over Trail Creek in Southern Valley in 2020. In collaboration with the Caribou-Targhee National Forest and Teton Valley Trails and Pathways, this project is a key to establishing a link of this trail system to the Victor community.

This grant will empower the MBT Trail Crew, the CTNF and local volunteers to place a critical piece in the entire Southern Valley Recreation Project. Backed by a swell of community support and a robust collection of project partners, the entire Southern Valley project should see completion by the fall of 2020. The bridge will connect a new trail on the southwest side of Highway 33 “Happy Hour” to Trail Creek Campground and ultimately, through a highway underpass to the Rush Hour Trail. Our friends at Teton Valley Trails and Pathways are working hard to implement these new highway underpasses in the coming year…

Again, your feedback is critical. Please contact us at info@mountainbiketetons.org with comments, questions or thoughts moving forward. We’re more than happy to discuss this project with you in-depth and appreciate your unparalleled support all through the Southern Valley Trails Project journey.

Clif Bar Family Foundation: Sprockids Equipment

On Friday, January 11th, we submitted a grant application for assistance in funding for the Sprockids Youth Mountain Bike Program. This funding would help with the purchase of a number of key training and safety implements for the program that will benefit both the Teton Valley Program and the new Jackson Hole Program. Our Sprockids Program Director Cy Whitling has laid out a fantastic platform for the program here in the Tetons and helped identify some critical needs moving forward in the form of safety equipment and teaching materials.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@mountainbiketetons.org with any questions, comments or for a more in-depth look at the 2019 Sprockids Program.

Silverstar Caring For Community Grant: MBT Website Mapping Platform

On Monday, January 14th, we submitted a grant application through a fantastic opportunity presented by Silverstar Communications for financial assistance in an MBT website re-work. Due to changing demands and evolving technology, we will be updating and improving our trails mapping resources and working to streamline the website as a whole. We’re fortunate to be working with local developer Jake Hawkes to make the MBT website an excellent source for local riders, community members and prospective visitors.

Please reach out to us at info@mountainbiketetons.org with any questions, comments or thoughts moving forward. We’re excited about this one!

We have a few more grant applications coming down the pike including the spring Community Foundation of Teton Valley Competitive Grant, a People for Bikes Community Grant, the CHC Foundation Spring Grant and a program for economics with the Sloan Foundation. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on these moving forward.

None of these opportunities would be possible without the support of our awesome community. YOU enable these things to happen and we’re working hard to bring exciting, important work to Teton communities that follows our mission at MBT.