Mountain Biking in The Palisades, WPLI

In early 2016 the Wyoming County Commissioners Association (WCCA) organized the Wyoming Public Lands Initiative (WPLI), a collaborative, county-led process intended to recommend designation of BLM and USFS Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) in Wyoming as wilderness, multiple use, or for other management. The end goal of the initiative is to produce a single, state-wide legislative lands package that is broadly supported by public lands stakeholders in Wyoming.

What does this mean for me and mountain biking?

As one of eight participating counties in the state, the Teton County Board of Commissioners appointed the Teton County WPLI Advisory Committee in October 2016. The Board selected Amanda Carey to represent mountain bike stakeholders in Teton County, alongside a diverse group of 18 representatives from other interests (recreation, conservation, wildlife, energy, at-large). This group is charged with developing recommendations for final designation of the two areas within Teton County – Palisades and Shoal Creek WSAs — ranging from multiple use to designated Wilderness to many options in between – some of which would eliminate mountain bike access.
In January 2018, Amanda stepped down from her position on the committee and incoming Mountain Bike the Tetons executive director Tony Ferlisi was appointed to fill her role. Tony has been quickly getting up to speed, individually meeting with committee members and stakeholders over the past three weeks.

What’s Next?

Tony is committed to ensuring continued, unfettered access to your mountain bike trails in the Palisades WSA moving forward and is working with a broad range of stakeholder groups in hopes of achieving a common-sense management approach through this process.
The Palisades is a special place to many folks in Teton County and beyond. Aside from its role as an important wildlife resource and its abundance of wild character, continued access to the diverse recreation opportunities there is critical to the quality of life, economic health and social fabric of the Teton Region. Tony is working alongside others to make sure that the mountain biker’s voice is heard and considered in this process and that the importance of mountain biking as a historical and legitimate use in the Palisades isn’t understated in any capacity.
As a mountain biker, your voice is critical in this process here in Teton County. We encourage you to contact us with your thoughts, concerns and questions moving forward by reaching out to us at MBT HERE or directly with the WPLI HERE.
Stay tuned for regular updates from MBT moving forward.

Have questions?

For more information on the WPLI Process, visit:
The Teton County WPLI Information Site
Wyoming State WPLI Hub
All Teton County WPLI Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public – Next Meeting: March 14, 2018